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50 Easy Make Animal Cakes for Every Occasion ...

By Neecey

Animal cakes are mostly for kid's birthday parties but they can be made appropriate for all sorts of occasions. There’s a huge trend for cakes to be made of tiered structures decorated with lots of really cute fondant animals, but for my selection of animal cakes I've ignored those. No skills in fondant modeling required here.

1 Lamb Cake

Lamb Cake Via 7 Amazing And Crazy Animal ...

I never thought of sheep as making great subjects for animal cakes but here you go. Those adorable curls are made from white chocolate.

2 Lion Cake

Lion Cake Via 7 Amazing And Crazy Animal ...

Here's a lion that's not at all scary. You can eat him rather than he eat you.

3 Dog Cake

Dog Cake Via Shaped cakes

He's a cutey.

4 Fish Cake

Fish Cake Via 7 Amazing And Crazy Animal ...

No fish in this fish cake.

5 Owl Cake

Owl Cake Via Cakes

Lots of buttercream needed for this one.

6 Pig Cake

Pig Cake Via

Ok, so at the beginning I said no fondant modeling, but everyone can make a pair of piggy ears yes?

7 Puppy Cake

Puppy Cake Via Dominic's Puppy Party

Easy to make if you're not confident of your cake sculpting skills.

8 Giraffe Cake

Giraffe Cake Via 7 Amazing And Crazy Animal ...

Spots made from toasted coconut flakes - yum!

9 Dolphin Cake

Dolphin Cake Via Dolphin Cake - How to ...

Flipping heck. It's Flipper.

10 Bee Cake

Bee Cake Via Bee a Party Maker Cake

What a cutey.

11 Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Via 6 Bittersweets

Glance quickly and you think it's a real guinea pig.

12 Rabbit Cake

Rabbit Cake Via Rising To The Berry: Bunny ...

This is the sort of animal cake you can make with limited skills.

13 Doggie Cake

Doggie Cake Via Dessert

Easier than it looks because there's just a long round or rectangular cake under all that icing fur.

14 Teddy Bear Cake

Teddy Bear Cake Via Food & Drink that I ...

So cute for baby's birthday or a baby shower.

15 Armadillo Cake

Armadillo Cake Via Armadillo cake

Don't forget, the innards must be made of red velvet cake (a la Steel Magnolias).

16 Cute Dalmatian Cake

Cute Dalmatian Cake Via Dalmatian Cake

Maybe not so easy.

17 Penguin Cake

Penguin Cake Via

Do you know of Pingu? I would so make this cake because I love that crazy penguin.

18 Dog Cake

Dog Cake Via Dog Cake

Oh could anyone bear to cut into this to eat him?

19 Kitty Cake

Kitty Cake Via Food

Anyone should be able to produce this special little cake. You could even use a store bought pound or fruit cake and just decorate it.

20 Cat Cake

Cat Cake Via for ARTS SAKE

He looks kinda scary and hard to make. I think I prefer the previous cat cake.

21 Bass Fish Cake

Bass Fish Cake Via Bass Fish Birthday Cake

Remind you of Billy Bass the Talking fish?

22 Owl Cake

Owl Cake Via My Owl Barn

Lots of fondant feathers needed for this.

23 Poodle Cake

Poodle Cake Via Top Ten - Dog-Themed Birthday ...

Woof woof!

24 Cat Cake

Cat Cake Via Quick as a Cat Cake

What's not to love about cats and chocolate?

25 Dog and Cat Cake

Dog and Cat Cake Via Michelle's Sweet Cakes

Feline and canine lovers unite.

26 Pig, Cow and Sheep Cake

Pig, Cow and Sheep Cake Via pig,cow and sheep!

When you can't decide which farm animal cake to make.

27 Yorkshire Terrier Cake

Yorkshire Terrier Cake Via Yorkie Cake by keki-girl on ...

A work of art.

28 Teddy Bear Cake

Teddy Bear Cake Via Yellow Cake Recipe

I once made a pottery figure of a bear and his fur came from pushing clay through a sieve. I wonder if the same technique is used here.

29 Butterfly Cake

Butterfly Cake Via

Made from two round sponges. Can you do that, do you think?

30 Lamb Cake

Lamb Cake Via DIY Fluffy Lamb Cake Decorating ...

What a sheepish smile!

31 Caterpillar Cake

Caterpillar Cake Via Caterpillar Cake

Change the front end and you could easily make it into a serpent cake.

32 Lion Cake

Lion Cake Via one handed cooks: kids party ...

I love the way his mane is made from easy fondant cutouts.

33 Butterfly Cake

Butterfly Cake Via rainbows

Stock up on lots of food colors for this one.

Eliza it's so cute and colourful ...

34 DIY Owl Cake

DIY Owl Cake Via

A chocolate and coffee owl. How wise.

35 Cow Cake

Cow Cake Via Thrifty Craftin' Mama: Pinterest Country ...

Ermintrude from the Magic Roundabout, anyone?

36 Hedgehog Cake

Hedgehog Cake Via

One of the oldest and most classic animal cakes.

37 Giraffe Cake

Giraffe Cake Via Giraffe Birthday Cake

Cute beyond cute.

38 Teddy Bear Cake

Teddy Bear Cake Via My Cakes

A great excuse to make a whole load of chocolate buttercream. No fighting over who gets to lick the bowl though.

39 Elephant Cake

Elephant Cake Via Kids-Boys

Jumbo cake for a jumbo party.

40 Fish Cake

Fish Cake Via Make-A-Wish Fish Cake

Stick candles in to make it a make-a-wish-fish-cake.

41 Spider Cake

Spider Cake Via At Second Street: Halloween

For Halloween or a little monster's special day.

42 Whale Cake

Whale Cake Via Vineyard Vines Cake

Have a whale of a time at a party with this cake.

43 Penguin Cake

Penguin Cake Via Penguins Birthday Party Ideas | ...

Easier than it looks.

44 Black and White Cat Cake

Black and White Cat Cake Via Pussy Cat Cake

Fun smiley kitty.

45 Monkey Cake

Monkey Cake Via Wyatt's Birthday

The cupcake tail and arms and legs are great.

46 Spooky Centipede Cake

Spooky Centipede Cake Via 7 Amazing And Crazy Animal ...

Hope you like black licorice.

47 Ladybug Cake

Ladybug Cake Via party

Another of the classic animal cakes.

48 Puppy Dog Cake

Puppy Dog Cake Via Starlight Custom Cakes - Sculpted ...

Perfect for a sweet little girl.

49 Wide-Eyed Owl Cake

Wide-Eyed Owl Cake Via Wide-Eyed Owl Cake

I've seen quite a few animal cakes made from a single
square cake. It's a very effective decorating technique.

50 Teddy Bear Cake!

Teddy Bear Cake! Via

Even more chocolate buttercream.

So there you have it. Animal cakes that most of us could probably make a decent go of (and a couple we probably wouldn’t ever attempt). Which would be your favorite animal to bake as a cake?

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