Easy Ritz Snacks Tutorial ...


Easy Ritz Snacks Tutorial ...
Easy Ritz Snacks Tutorial ...

Although the title of the segment says for summer, these snacks could be prepared for any time of year. Watch the following video and learn how to make easy Ritz snacks, worthy enough to be taught on television!

My personal favorite recipes to make with Ritz crackers are ice cream sandwiches and mini tacos.

Why you ask?

Who does not love ice cream? You could make up an ice cream bar with different toppings for your next party!

Mini tacos are so cute! Healthy, a little spicy in every bite, and sure to keep your guests' stomachs from growling. You know she is hungry but she is embarrassed to eat. You know, she does not want to look like a little piggy. With mini tacos, she is more than likely going to have some and therefore, not get weak with hunger.

I hope you like!

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