6 Easy 🙌 Slow Cooker Freezer ❄️ Meals 🍽 for Busy Girls ...

During the last few years on the kitchen scene, freezer meals have become a way of life for many women.

Whether you are busy and just have enough time to throw ingredients in the slow cooker or bored and like to do new things, this YouTube video is simple, useful and frugal.

Make sure you have plenty of freezer bags.

Each recipe makes 2 separate meals.

Make sure your slow cooker can accommodate each baggie.

Pull a bag out of the freezer the night before you want to have it.

1. Chicken Fajitas

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A little Mexican charm. A little green bell pepper, onion, seasoning, and chicken...

2. Taco Soup

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Again, a little Mexican charm. A few beans, stewed tomatoes, seasoning, and beef.

3. Oven Roast

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Not sure where this recipe gets its charm! However, a little carrot, potato, onion, cream of mushroom, onion soup mix, and oven roast is filling and comforting.

Not rocket science. But... nutritious, healthy and good-tasting!


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