Easy Slow Cooker Pizza Dip ...

Leiann Lynn Rose Spontaneo

Easy Slow Cooker Pizza Dip ...

With this YouTube video, learn how to make easy slow cooker pizza dip! The video shows pepperoni, but don't stop there!

This is exceptionally good for small gatherings, large gatherings, holidays, etc., or adjust for a small crockpot to have for yourself a night of a comforting snack!

Personally, I would want lots and lots of mushrooms. Tons of extra cheese too! However, if you want, include whatever toppings of your choice. There are no rules!

To dip with, use what you like... I like butter crackers.

All ingredients may be purchased at the dollar store, making this a very frugal recipe, while delicious.

I hope you find this recipe to be outstanding!