7 Effortless Ways to Take Care of Your Knives so They Last Forever ...


Now that you’ve invested in a good set, it’s time to learn some ways to take care of your knives. Just giving them a rinse and running them through the dishwasher isn’t the best choice for many knives. If you take the best possible care of them, you’ll be able to make them last for many, many years. That’s good news since the best sets are pretty pricey. So, take a few extra minutes and carry out these ways to take care of your knives, and you’ll be able to count on your set indefinitely.

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Sharpen Them

Knives come sharpened, but with time the blades get dull. Not only can that affect your preparation process, but it ups the risk of an injury too. You can buy a sharpening stone and do this yourself right at home. If you aren’t comfortable with that, consider having your knives professionally sharpened. The product information will tell you how often the blades need to be sharpened, and that’s one of the best ways to take care of your knives.


Use Only for the Intended Purpose

I know it can be tempting to reach for your knife when you can’t get a plastic wrapper open or you need to skewer something that fell down the drain. Don’t do it! Your knives will last much longer if you use them only for chopping and dicing food items. You can always keep an old knife around for the other things and that way your good knives will be in their best shape forever.


Use a Cutting Board

Cutting things right on the countertops can damage them, but it can also wear your knives out faster. The blade is designed for a cutting board and it makes sense to use one each and every time you slice, dice or chop anything. That includes veggies, fruits and meat. Never, ever go without a cutting board or your knives will show it.


Hand Wash Them

You might want to toss your knives into the dishwasher, but it turns out that’s a really bad idea. They will stay sharper and in better shape for much longer if you wash them by hand. Don’t soak the knives. Simply wash each with hot soapy water, then lay them out on a kitchen towel to dry.


Store in a Knife Block

If you keep your knives in a crowded cutlery drawer, they’ll get banged around on and pretty soon they’ll be damaged and not as effective as otherwise. Instead, keep them in a knife block where each blade is protected from the others. You can also use knife sheaths if you prefer to keep your knives in the drawer instead of on the counter.


Treat the Wood

If you have knives with wooden handles, give them an oil rubdown now and then. That will keep the wood healthy and hydrated so it’s less prone to crack or splinter. The best blade in the world is completely useless if the handle is done for. Check the manufacturer information for the best wood products to use on your knives.


Keep Them Dry

Many knives are made out of materials that don’t rust easily, but it might still be possible in the right conditions. Make sure you allow your knives to dry completely before storing them. You can be extra careful by wiping them dry with a clean towel after washing.

We all have that favorite knife we always reach for when we cook. Which one is your preferred blade? Do you follow these steps for taking care of it?

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Here's a tip: do not put chopping knives in the dishwasher for a start.

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