9 Excellent Reasons to Love Red Wine ...


9 Excellent Reasons to Love Red Wine ...
9 Excellent Reasons to Love Red Wine ...

There are so many amazing reasons to love red wine! Think about it, what's the most popular alcoholic beverage option in restaurants, bars and social settings? Red wine! It's a classic drink that's not only a social favorite but it has many health benefits when consumed in moderation. Here are some excellent reasons to love red wine that will make you want to pour a glass tonight with dinner!

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Lowers Cholesterol

Some wines come from high-fiber grapes that actually contribute significantly in lowering LDL cholesterol. This is important because bad cholesterol is responsible for the blockages in your arteries and too much of it can lead to high blood pressure and risk of heart attack! That's one of the superb reasons to love red wine if you ask me!


Protects Your Heart

Remember that too much of a good thing isn't a good thing - this applies to wine and alcohol for sure! Too much of it can actually strain your heart, while having a couple of glasses a week may keep your blood vessels healthy and flexible while reducing the risk of clots. This is mainly due to the antioxidants found in red wine! So, drink up (but in moderation)!


Controls Blood Sugar

Now, this doesn't apply to sweet red wines or wines with added sugar, but the skin on red grapes contains resveratrol which is a natural compound known to regulate blood sugar and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. So if you're a diabetic or pre-diabetic, try drinking the occasional glass of red wine!


Keeps Your Brain Sharp

Speaking of Resveratrol, this compound has also been shown to squelch the formation of the beta-amyloid protein which is a key component in the brains of those with Alzheimer's disease. It's just as important to keep your brain healthy and fit as it is your body! Remember to continually stretch your brain by learning and challenging your mental skills on a regular basis.


Reduces Weight Gain

The chemical compound piceatannol is what your body makes from resveratrol (this is one amazing compound!). Piceatannol actually prevents immature fat cells from maturing by blocking the necessary pathways. Who knew that an alcoholic beverage can actually contribute to weight loss?


Prevents the Common Cold

The antioxidants in red wine (and in other foods and supplements) are known to fight infection and protect cells from cancer-causing free radicals. One study shows that those who consume more than 14 glasses of wine per year were less likely to succumb to the common cold! That's a pretty great reason for sure (as I'm currently battling a cold!)


It Spices up Your Meal

Whether you're drinking a glass of wine with dinner or a gourmet cheese, or perhaps using it in your dinner as an ingredient, red wine has many culinary benefits. It's just another reason to love red wine because it's so versatile- be it the health benefits, social lubricant, or culinary uses!


It's Affordable

There are so many varieties and prices of red wine that it's easy to find an option out there for you! And not only that, there are some really good red wines that are also inexpensive. Just ask around and get reviews on the best wines in every price point!


It's Fun and Social!

And finally, red wine is just fun to drink and enjoy with friends. It's the age-old drink that everyone can enjoy, whether young or old. There's a wine out there for everyone! It's also a common ground for people to connect with and is a fun pathway for strengthening current relationships and making new ones.

Even though most of these health benefits of red wine actually are found in other food sources, red wine is just more fun to drink! Remember that life is meant to be lived in moderation! Too much of something can lose it's charm and even be damaging. Keep that in mind when drinking and always be safe in your surroundings and responsible with your choices. Are there any favorite red wines you would love to suggest to your fellow readers?

Source: prevention.com

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@jada and Gwen thank you for the suggestions


One you could try simply because it is totally different an truly it's own breed is: Carmenere. If ou are trying to ask for/or order it, it is pronounced "Car-men-y'air". Everyone I've introduced it to has always had possitive feedback. It is neither dry nor sweet, for it is known for it's notes of spice (specifically cayenne). It does not actually have a hot pepper effect on your mouth; the peppery notes are smoothly integrated and creates such a different taste on the palate that is completely different. The best Carmenere is from Chile, so shoot for one from there or at least a nearby region of S. America... I have been a bartender for 6 years and have been lucky to try many wines and have been educated on wine to a more advanced level than just the normal wine consuming fan. There is much more to learn as with anything, and when it comes to the carrying differences in our tastbuds, I can't say for certain that you'll fall head over heals for it as my gf's and I have, but it's worth recommending and certainly worth a try. If you do, please give feedback for anyone out there who stumbles upon this log... Could be helpful to others out there too, and why not help people with a little advise if it could please them too ;) -Cheers

@Kathy Chasen, if you're near a winery or a store with a wine department, ask about tastings. The specific wine we could recommend might or might not be available in your area. A semi sweet or semi dry sounds right for you but tasting is the best way to go. Plus it's just fun! ;)


Is there any red wine out there that's not too dry or too sweet I tend to stick with the white wines because I don't like the dry or sweet red wines. Like I don't like merlot too bitter for me

Reduces weight gain didn't eeem know!

You had me at "red wine"! !

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