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Easy-to-Bake Cakes are not only unbelievably scrumptious stuff; they're also quite handy to have around especially when you get those sweet cravings or when you're entertaining. Can you just imagine getting an unexpected guest and having absolutely nothing to serve him (or her)? Downright embarrassing, I tell you. Well, I may just be saying this because I have a major sweet tooth but I can't just see the downside of always having easy-to-bake cakes around the house. Diets be damned! Haha! So start collecting your own recipes of easy-to-bake cakes now and always be ready for those unexpected visitors (or those uncontrollable cravings). Start with these 7 Exquisitely Delicious and Easy-To-Bake Cakes.

1. Simple Vanilla Cake

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Vanilla has become one of my favorite flavors lately. And so discovering this amazingly easy and downright scrumptious confection is a major treat. It only needs a few ingredients and takes less than an hour to prepare. What more could you ask for?!

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2. Cheesecake with Blueberries

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Easy-to-bake cakes such as this charmingly delicious cheesecake are a delightful surprise. And if you can't get any blueberries, you can just use whatever fruit is in season. Personally, I'd love to try this recipe with mangoes. I bet it will be just as yummy.

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3. The Ultimate Chocolate Cake

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Of course, I couldn't NOT include this one in my easy-to-bake cakes list. It just wouldn't be right. After all, chocolate cake is the ultimate comfort food... in my opinion anyway. Now, this recipe takes about an hour an a half to make, but it's pretty hassle-free to prepare. You can also replace the fresh raspberries with some other fresh fruit.

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4. Classic Banana and Walnut Cake

at goodtoknow.co.uk

This easy-to-bake treat is definitely a keeper. Personally, bananas are among the yummiest fruits out there. And they're very healthy, too! This recipe has only a few ingredients and it's very easy to follow. Serve this with a fresh pot of coffee or tea and your friends will be singing your praises for days!

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5. Chocolate Fudge Pudding Cake

at eatingwell.com

This sinfully delicious treat is one of those things that should be on every person's bucket list. Seriously! This is a very simple recipe and only takes about an hour to do. Definitely something you shouldn't forget to include in your easy-to-bake cakes recipe book.

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6. Tangy Lemon Drizzle Cake

at goodtoknow.co.uk

Did I mention already that I have a major sweet tooth? Well, this recipe would seriously slap that sweet tooth silly. Haha! And it tastes as deliciously pretty as it looks. Just be careful not to burn the icing and you'll do great!

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7. Coffee Cake

at goodtoknow.co.uk

I'm quite addicted to coffee, so anything that's coffee-flavored sounds absolutely great to me. And besides being unbelievably delectable, this easy-to-bake cake takes less than an hour to prepare and bake. This recipe is definitely something you might want to have in hand when you have unexpected visitors coming in an hour.

A friend once told me that you will rarely disappoint people if you bring cake. Well, she loves sweets as much as I do so maybe she's a bit biased about the subject. But if you really think about it, most people do love cakes. So having easy-to-bake cakes written in your personal recipe book is definitely not a bad idea. What's more? Easy-to-bake cakes also make lovely presents. So if one of your friends is about to have her birthday and you forgot to buy her something special, you can just whip up one of these easy-to-bake cakes and you'll have one deliciously personalized present. Your friend will love it! Trust me. So, have you baked one of these easy-to-bake cakes before--and which of these seven mouth-watering cakes do you think is the best?

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