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31 Fab Veggie Displays for Your Next Party ...

By Lyndsie

You see a lot of fun fruit art, but I think veggie displays have just as much potential to look gorgeous. At any good party, you need an equal amount of fruits and vegetables, but you won't necessarily want to put them together. No problem! Setting up separate veggie displays will give you another visual, and you can get very creative without a whole lot of effort.

1 Container Displays

Container DisplaysVia Much cuter than a veggie ...

I'm seeing a lot of veggie displays using glass containers, and they are gorgeous. This is one of many, and I'm sure you'll see one that you love, too.

2 Veggie Turkey

Veggie TurkeyVia In case you're looking for ...

This is, of course, an excellent Thanksgiving display. You could put it together for the family meal or even a school party.


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3 Kit Kat Crudites

Kit Kat CruditesVia Veggie Cake, Vegetable Cake

You've all seen that famed Kit Kat cake that makes its way onto so many Pinterest fails, right? This is like that, but with veggies … and it looks a little more foolproof.

4 Farm to Table

Farm to TableVia It's Crudite Season | Martha ...

This takes the idea of farm to table to a whole new level, actually. I love the shabby farm chic look of it – like you've got a high class trough in the middle of the table!

5 Veggie Cups

Veggie CupsVia Sure Fit Slipcovers: Summer Entertaining: ...

A lot of veggies make excellent receptacles, especially for dip. Peppers are particularly perfect!

6 Veggie Cocktails

Veggie CocktailsVia Party Planning

You might not get a buzz from these vegetables in martini glasses, but you'll sure get a ton of energy. Besides, this is the perfect way for your party guests to carry around their appetizers!

7 Cornucopia


This is a lovely take on the cornucopia. Doesn't that look tempting?

8 Kid's Party Display

Kid's Party DisplayVia Grbic Restaurant and Private Event ...

If your party includes lots of kids, make the vegetables fun! Googly eyes go a long way.

9 Mason Jar Display

Mason Jar DisplayVia Tuesday Tastings :: Spring Crudité

See what I mean about the glass contains? I love the rustic vibe you get from the use of mason jars – that asparagus is actually kind of gorgeous.

10 Veggie Art

Veggie ArtVia Veggie/Cheese/Fruit/Relish Displays

Here's an artistic way to display your veggies. The best part is that you could go with any design you like!

11 Delightful Dipping

Delightful DippingVia Heather Christo - Eat Well, ...

Here's another great way to use vegetables as your dip receptacles. This whole spread is just colorful and gorgeous.

12 Veggie Shooters

Veggie ShootersVia Cocktail Party at Home

This is a great way to keep your veggie spread both appealing and easy. There's even built-in dip!

13 Simple

SimpleVia Icing Designs: "Sprinkled with Love" ...

As long as you have an artistic eye, you don't necessarily need something outrageous. Doesn't this look delicious?

14 Floral Inspiration

Floral InspirationVia Things That Matter: Making Healthy ...

So many vegetables lend themselves well to fancy cuts and flower designs. This looks like an edible garden!

15 Elegant Containers

Elegant ContainersVia PartyTipz: entertaining with style and ...

Here's another take on the glass container craze. This is incredibly elegant, and I love the glassware.

16 Rustic Chic

Rustic ChicVia The French Tangerine: ~ flowers ...

The basket plays a part in this display, certainly, but check out the carrots. Present your veggies in their natural state and they look even more appealing!

17 Plant Stands

Plant StandsVia MOAR CHEEZE! And veggies too, ...

Hey, vegetables are plants! This is a really interesting display, owing to the varying heights.

18 Carrot Flowers

Carrot FlowersVia Hot off the Garlic Press: ...

I love carrots anyway, and these carrot flowers are too cute to resist. How would you arrange these?

19 Sustainable Centerpiece

Sustainable CenterpieceVia Veggie Wedding Decor

Never think that you can't be chic and sustainable all at once. This is gorgeous, and it looks so scrumptious!

20 Big Bold Basket

Big Bold BasketVia Appetizers...

Again, the basket packs quite a punch in this display. It just looks so rustic – and mouthwatering!

21 Mix and Match

Mix and MatchVia Party recipes

You can always use different types of displays as well. Just make sure they complement each other in some way.

22 A Colorful Spread

A Colorful SpreadVia Party Nibbles

You don't even have to make a structured display. A spread like this is sure to get stomachs growling at your next party!

23 A Traditional Take

A Traditional TakeVia

This is a more traditional take, but it's no less amazing. The veggies actually look a bit like turkey feathers.

24 With Cheese, Please

With Cheese, PleaseVia Lakeside Lure

Don't shy away from mixing your veggies with complementary cheeses, either. Why did I just get a craving for Brie and Gouda?

25 Serious Carving

Serious CarvingVia Fruit Carving Arrangements and Food ...

If you can do this, I envy you. Veggie art is always visually appealing, not to mention tasty.

26 A Veggie Tree

A Veggie TreeVia

This is actually surprisingly easy to make yourself! You'll need some bamboo shoots, a foam ball, kale or cabbage leaves, and your favorite vegetables.

27 Sesame Veggies

Sesame VeggiesVia Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas ...

Once more, this is a great way to get young guests to enjoy their veggies. How cute are these friendly, familiar faces? Granted, though, I think Cookie Monster uses fruit ...

28 Repurposing

RepurposingVia Outtakes from a Backyard Bash

If you have a bunch of berry baskets, you can actually use what you have. I think the overall look is charming.

29 Rustic Veggie Tray

Rustic Veggie TrayVia ME Catering

Something like this would only work for a pretty big party, but it's so gorgeous. It includes pretty much everything!

30 A Veggie Face

A Veggie FaceVia Vegetable Face by Alex J. ...

I can't decide if this would be scary to eat or not. Would it give you nightmares?

31 Artistic Veggies

Artistic VeggiesVia fun food

This is really beautiful, and so inventive! You could make several, using different pictures, and you'd easily have enough veggies for everyone.

There are so many interesting ways to display your vegetables at parties, festivals, and similar occasions. Are there any veggie designs you particularly love?

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