4. Matcha Green Tea Latte

So maybe you’re in love with lattes. No need to give them up! Just make them with matcha instead of coffee! These are a beautiful green color too, which is just kind of fun to drink in the mornings, much like a green smoothie. Matcha is an unheated form of green tea, making it richer in antioxidants than standard green tea, which is heated during processing. Matcha tea is extremely energizing, balancing and cleansing. It is also wonderful for replacing your morning coffee, though it doesn’t taste like it at all. To make a Matcha green tea latte, buy quality Japanese grade Matcha, which is richer in antioxidants than cheaper American made versions. Matcha can be expensive, but a little goes a long way so the container will last you forever! I like Tao of Tea brand, which is very inexpensive for a three month supply. All you need to do to make a Matcha Green Tea Latte is heat one cup of your choice of milk; I like unsweetened almond, but soy or coconut would work. After your milk is heated but not boiling, stir in in ½ tsp. matcha green tea powder. You can use 1 tsp. if you want, but I like to stretch out my tea as much as possible and it is very strong, so you don’t need too much to get a great effect. Next, add in some stevia, honey or maple syrup. I use 2 droppers full of NuNaturals stevia, vanilla flavored. Last, add a touch of cinnamon if you want, or ginger powder, which I like to do for extra heat. Sometimes I like to add in a dash of peppermint extract too, for a mint version. Matcha lattes are so delicious! It would be hard to miss coffee if you got used to these, I imagine, but I’ll just take both!