7 Fantastic Chicago Food Blogs ...


7 Fantastic Chicago Food Blogs ...
7 Fantastic Chicago Food Blogs ...

Chicago Food Blogs will show you where to eat if you are dropping by the windy city for a vacation. Of course, if you are relocating to this vibrant place, the recommendations of these Chicago food blogs are also valuable. Hope you find this list of amazing Chicago food blogs helpful!

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Chicago Gluttons This is a Chicago food blog that will delight you with funny posts, appetizing photos, and restaurant reviews that you have to read. Did we mention that they have funny posts? It's enough reason to keep reading the blog. Bookmark now for reviews and quick announcements that will aid you in your culinary adventures.


Chicago Eater This is just the Chicago section of a series of blogs that give us the best places to have the best dining experiences in some of the best cities in America. This is a fantastic Chicago food blog to check out if you are interested in restaurant openings, food service-related jobs, the most delectable dishes and where to eat them, and a whole lot more.


Drive-Thru Peppered with recipes, restaurant reviews, and posts on food-related events, cooking shows, cookbooks, and more, Drive-Thru is one of the top Chicago food blogs that you can bookmark. This blog is part of Gapers Block and gives you a well-rounded look at a foodie's life. From news to opinions to delectable recipes, this blog got you covered.



You like your food fast and on wheels? In that case, Food Truck Freak is the food blog that you have to follow. If your visit to Chicago will mostly be accomplished by hitting the streets, checking this blog before your flight is ideal. For sure, the city's "mobile cuisine scene" will be one of the highlights of your trip.


Chicago Bites Offering non-biased reviews, Chicago Bites is a trusted voice in restaurant recommendations. From the blog: Since February 2006, Chicago Bites has been a fiercely independent source for restaurant reviews, local food events, and behind-the-scenes discussions with area chefs and food producers. The hope is to provide an original voice and reporting in a crowded field of press-releases. And if you happen to love cupcakes, Chicago Bites offers the Chicago Cupcake Guide. Yum!


Chicago Cab Fare If what you're looking for is a taste of ethnic cuisine, this is definitely one of the fantastic Chicago food blogs that you have to check out. Here's the explanation behind the name: Since most of us don't have friends from all over the world, cab drivers are a great resource for authentic ethnic restaurant recommendations. That's why I ask every cab driver that picks me up two questions: 1) What country are you from? 2) Which Chicago restaurant has the best food from that country? Genius. Aside from the actual restaurant reviews, the blog's twitter profile is also fun to read. Nothing like reading about a grumpy cab driver to make you chuckle.


Passport Delicious All right, Passport Delicious is not solely a Chicago food blog but trust us, it is an authority on Chicago grub. Bookmark now for wonderful reviews on Chicago restaurants. The best part: Krista reads like an old friend. You'll love her, I promise.

So those are some of the best Chicago food blogs online today. Did we miss some? Share your favorite Chicago foodies below!

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Chicago is a big city with plenty to do, see, and eat. The food scene in Chicago is fantastic. From deep-dish pizza and hot dogs to fine dining and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for things to do in Chicago, there’s no shortage of options. You can explore the city’s many neighborhoods, visit one of the many museums or attractions, or simply take in the sights and sounds of the Windy City to Find out more visit Regal Buzz.

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