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17 Fantastic Kitchen Gadgets to Make You Smile ...

By Eliza

Technology gets better all the time, but there are some old fashioned kitchen gadgets that some people still have in their cooking space because they are handy and still useful even after all these years. Sure, times have changed and you can get virtually anything you want already made and ready to eat, but back in the day, people did things differently. Check out all these cool old fashioned kitchen gadgets and you might just be inspired to take a trip back in time.

1 Old Fashioned Glasses

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No retro kitchen was complete without a set of old fashioned glasses. Hence the name, these are one of the classic old fashioned kitchen gadgets you might not see everywhere anymore.

2 Old School Ice Cream Maker

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It's hard to believe that there was a time when people couldn't just go to the store for a pint of ice cream. They used one of these to make their own.

3 Pop Molds

Frozen pop molds are actually making a comeback, but like ice cream, people used to have to make their own instead of buying them at the supermarket.

4 KitchenAid Mixer

Sure, you can still find KitchenAid mixers at department stores, but they sure don't look like this anymore.

5 Old Fashioned Pepper Grinder

Can you imagine having to grind your own pepper from this contraption? It looks a little big, don't you think?

6 Egg White Separator

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Egg white separators come in a huge variety of styles, but in the old days they were usually well made and not just plain old plastic.

7 Vintage Egg Slicer

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I love the color of this gadget. It makes it look easy to slice hard boiled eggs too.

8 Sieve

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You could use this sturdy tool for all sorts of draining needs. I wonder if you can put it through the dishwasher.

9 Snow Cone Maker

Look at how adorable this is. It's made to look like the old school carts that sold cold treats to kids on hot days.

10 Apple Slicer

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It might be vintage, but this tool proves its worth by peeling, coring and slicing an entire apple in just minutes.

11 Cast Iron SKILLET

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Cast iron skillets have been around for hundreds of years. They might have been invented a long time ago, but this old fashioned tool will stand the test of time.

12 Sausage Grinder

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There once was a time when people had to grind their own sausage with a tool like this one. That doesn't sound like a very fun chore to me.

13 Mortar and Pestle

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Chefs from generations back have been using a mortar and pestle for all sorts of grinding needs. Use it for spices, garlic and much more.

14 Milk Jars

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These have been recreated, but old fashioned milk jars are fun for any kitchen. Use them for milk or go ahead and turn them into decor items instead.

15 Old Fashioned Snow Cone Cart

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You saw the tabletop version above, but this big cart was one you might have seen at fairs and carnivals.

16 Old Fashioned Rolling Pin

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Look at the quality of this tool. They sure don't make kitchen gadgets like they used to.

17 Radio

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No, you don't need this for cooking, but many retro homes didn't have a television and used a radio for entertainment while preparing meals.

Do you have any of these old fashioned kitchen gadgets lurking in your space? I may have one of those egg slicers somewhere and I have a whole pile of cast iron skillets. Do you remember your mom or grandma using any of these items?

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