7 Fattening Foods That You Should Eat to Stay Slim and Healthy for Life ...


Fearing delicious, healthy fats is not an effective way to manage your weight or stay healthy, and there are so many healthy fattening foods that you should eat to practice good health, and even enhance your metabolism. Not only are our brains made up of fat, but our metabolism depends on it for balance. When your diet is low in fat, you’ll not only crave more sugary carbohydrates that cause poor blood sugar levels, but you’ll also feel weak, can become depressed, suffer constipation, suffer from greater stress, and you won’t stay full for very long after meals. You’ll also notice your energy start to lag, which is a sign your metabolism is slowing down. To remedy this in an easy, effective and quick way, simply add some of the best fattening foods that you should eat to your diet starting today. These foods are plant-based, completely raw, and are some of the most amazing foods on the planet. Your mood will soar, energy will increase, focus will improve, metabolism will increase, and your taste buds will do a happy dance too! Enjoy!

1. Coconut


Coconut is by far one of the best fattening foods that you should eat of all. It is not only tasty, but rich in medium chain triglyceride fats that improve your metabolism, clear cholesterol from the body and blood stream, aid in digestion, assist with fighting off bacteria and warding off depression. Eat raw coconut however you choose. I like raw, unsweetened shredded coconut stirred into anything, like my raw energy bites or even smoothies. I also love coconut flour to bake with, to make raw puddings with and even to thicken up my smoothies with. Coconut oil is also excellent to cook with, or you can use it as a creamer in your coffee or put it in a smoothie or homemade energy bars. Try to purchase extra virgin organic oil whenever possible for the healthiest option.

Raw Nuts
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