7 Delish Pull-Apart Breads 🍞 for Girls Who Are Throwing the Party of the Season πŸŽ‰!

I have a confession to make. I go to parties for the food. I skip meals leading up to a party where I know the host is sure to have a delicious spread. And you know what’s a good party food? Pull-apart breads. Easy to do, fun to experiment with and super delicious, here are 7 finger-licking good pull-apart breads guaranteed to make your next party a yummy success!

(PS: I've not included any sweet pull-apart breads here because they deserve a whole new post i think!)

1. Bacon & Cheddar Pull-Apart Bread

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Everything is better with bacon right? Combine it with delicious cheddar, and you have a winner on your hands! This bacon & cheddar pull-apart bread is perfect for parties because who doesn’t love bacon and cheese?!
Recipe: fabtasticeats.com

2. Breakfast Pull-Apart Bread

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I for one can have breakfast for all meals of the day. And so I love the idea of a breakfast pull-apart bread for parties. Eggs, bacon, bell peppers and cheese in one easy to eat package? Drool! Plus it’s so colorful and pretty to look at right?
Recipe: kirbiecravings.com

3. Wine & Cheese Pull-Apart Bread

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Simple flavors can go far and this wine & cheese pull-apart bread is just that. The wine is incorporated in the dough itself and so you have a lovely uniform flavor that combines wonderfully with the cheese. Elegant and fun at the same time don’t you think?
Recipe: twoofakindcooks.com

4. Mushroom Bacon Pull-Apart Bread

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How gorgeous looking is this bread?! Bringing two of my favorite things – bacon and mushroom, I love how versatile this recipe is and easy too!
Recipe: loavesanddishes.net

5. Cheesy Pesto Pull-Apart Bread

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If you like pesto, you’re sure to love this simple and super yummy cheesy pesto pull-apart bread. And such perfect party food too. It’ll pair excellently with drinks and add taste, texture and color to your platter!
Recipe: shortcutkitchen.com

6. Tomato Mozzarella Pull-Apart Bread

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Universally loved flavors, the attraction of the tomato mozzarella pull-apart bread is the awesome stringy cheese that you can pull up with the bread. Yummy and so perfect for parties right?
Recipe: cookinglsl.com

7. Easy Cheese and Roasted Garlic Pull-Apart Bread

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This sounds quite ordinary but there is something about roasted garlic that is gorgeous. And along with cheese and herbs, divine. What could be better for a party right? Quick and with easily available ingredients, this is one yummy pull-apart bread.
Recipe: realfoodbydad.com

Pull-apart breads have been around for a while now but I think they’re never going to go out of fashion, so delicious and fun they are. You can play around with all your favorite flavors and ingredients and serve up food that will be much loved at your parties! Have you tried your hand at any savoury pull-apart breads? What did you think?

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