Five Minute ⏲ Protein Coffee Cake 🍰 That's Delicious 😋 and Healthy 💪 ...

Do you ever hear that you need to have more protein in your diet? Well, look no further than this easy microwavable recipe!

Buff Dudes
Published on Dec 11, 2013

1. Ingredients

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Olive oil, soy/almond milk, milk, whey protein powder, peanut butter, egg, ... Makes it moist, creamy and tasty.

2. Convenience

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A mug of the ingredients zapped for 50 seconds. Makes it conventient and fast.

3. Affordable

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Olive oil and whey protein powder are expensive, but go a long way. Soy/almond milk costs are a bit more, but worth the money. Peanut butter, egg and milk are cheap. If you buy on sale and/or with coupons or from the dollar store, you can do it!

I give this a total A+! It is not just PB & J sandwiches anymore!

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