8 Flat Belly Foods to Eat This Summer ...


Summer is almost here, ladies, and that means it will be swimsuit season, so stock up on these flat belly foods to keep you feeling your best and more confident than ever! Don't think of flat belly foods as diet foods necessarily, but more as the best natural remedies to get you to your goals of having a flat belly. Flat belly foods are simply foods that keep the bloat away and prevent indigestion, gas and all that other yucky stuff that can leave us feeling less than pretty, to say the least! Incorporate one or more of these flat belly foods at each meal you eat and youโ€™ll not only feel better, but also look a little more svelte too! Even if youโ€™re not rockinโ€™ a bikini this year, you deserve to eat foods that serve you well, so stock up now and be ready when June arrives!

1. Low-Sugar Yogurt

Yogurt is full of good properties that make it one of the best flat belly foods out there. The key is to avoid yogurts with artificial sweeteners, or that are high in sugar. Both sugar and artificial sweeteners can bloat you up fast, and make you retain water. Sugar is also a major part of why we gain unnecessary weight, so when buying yogurt seek out plain varieties and sweeten with some berries, stevia, or even a tad bit of honey. The best dairy options are plain Greek yogurt or organic, plain varieties. Why is yogurt so great? First of all, because yogurt is cultured milk, which means it contains natural probiotics that aid digestion, yogurt helps to beat bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. The healthy forms of bacteria known as probiotics found in yogurt also keep your tummy toned and flat by aiding in digestion and beating abdominal fat. Yogurt is also full of protein, which spikes your metabolism, prevents blood sugar crashes, and sustains you for longer periods of time. The protein and calcium in yogurt also lower stress, which lowers your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that causes fat to be stored in your stomach, or can create โ€œnervous gas,โ€ as I like to say, since it affects the nerves in your digestive system. Yogurt is also full of B vitamins as well, making it a great food for your metabolism and mood. If youโ€™re vegan or dairy-sensitive, choose lower sugar coconut, soy, or almond milk varieties.

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