7 Food Companies That Support the Environment ...

By Heather

7 Food Companies That Support the Environment ...

Most of us don’t give too much thought to companies that support the environment everyday, yet we spend our hard earned money on foods that come from companies that will either enhance our environment or harm it, unintentionally or not. Buying organic is a great way to start supporting the environment. It produces less pesticides, toxic chemicals into the air and our water, and protects the animals living in the land, which in turn we eat, producing less of a toxic burden to us and them. Being vegetarian is also a great place to start since animal products take a majority of our environment’s energy stores, and animal production makes up for a large part of our country. Yet, sometimes, organic and being vegetarian aren’t enough. For some food companies, they desire to give back much more than that. The following companies actually use the dollars you spend on their products to enhance the world you live in, or the world of others. It is safe to say I think these companies that support the environment are amazing, so check them out for yourself and start throwing some of their products in your cart next time you’re at the store.

1 Earthbound Farms Organic

Earthbound Farms Organic Earthbound Farms Organic foods are just one of the companies that support the environment, but no doubt, one to keep on your radar. The fact that this company prizes vegetarian foods and organic food production is a great place to start, but they do much more than that. You’ve probably seen Earthbound Farms Organic foods in your produce section. I love their packaged greens and frozen veggies too. They make various types of food products, and proceeds are well spent. Every single package that Earthbound Farms Organic produces is made of recycled materials, along with all of their shipping materials, which saves over 22 million tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions per year along with 65 million gallons of water, 13 million pounds of solid wastes and enough energy to provide 4000 homes a year with electricity. Pretty amazing, huh? And that’s just in their packaging!

2 Silk

Silk Yep, the makers of my absolute favorite almond milk are environmentally friendly in every single way. For starters Silk, who produces largely soy, almond and some coconut milk products, are completely GMO- free, giving you a thumbs up for safety when choosing non-dairy alternatives. Next, Silk is also MSG-free, lactose-free, dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free and made without pesticides, herbicides or other environmental toxins. I am a huge fan of their unsweetened almond milk and love that I get double the calcium with it than I would with a carton of milk. More than that, though, I love knowing the company I’m spending my hard earned money on is geared towards providing the environment with no toxic burden by harsh chemicals. Silk also is a major player in recycling and water conservation, and they donate their profits to enhance charities that support these goals. They also ask consumers to recycle all of their cartons and provide locations on their website where they can do so.

Eating a balanced diet is an integral part of maintaining women's health, especially in relation to bone strength and density. This includes understanding the importance of calcium in food, and ensuring that we get enough of it in our vegan diet or lifestyle. Missing out on calcium can lead to serious health risks like osteoporosis.

3 Clifbar

Clifbar You may be surprised that many of your favorite protein bars are actually eco-friendly. If you’re a fan of the Clifbar line, then you’re spending your money on a great eco-friendly company, girls! Clif Bar and Company encourages its employees to volunteer for charities that are important to them and contributes funds to 1% for the Planet, which supports environmental organizations around the world. Each year, the company also donates 1 percent of net sales of limited-edition seasonal flavors to the Winter Wildlands Alliance.

4 Organic Valley

Organic Valley So maybe you’re not ready to give up dairy yet, and that’s okay if you go with Organic Valley dairy products. This is one of the top organic dairy companies to buy from, and I personally adore their fat free kefir! Organic Valley is America’s largest cooperative of organic farmers and is on a mission to save family farms through organic farming. By snacking on the company’s Stringles string cheese and drinking their kefir product, which they call Pourable Yogurt, you’ll be helping more than 1,600 small family farmers across North America. Organic farming produces less wastes, water, toxins, and has virtually no pesticides, herbicides or toxic chemicals used in production. This provides us with clean air, water and food to eat in more ways than one. They also make sure their products are GMO- free and that they maintain a close relationship with their animals, giving them top priority above all else. I don’t know about you, but that’s something I feel comfortable about spending my money on.

5 Stonyfield Farms

Stonyfield Farms Stonyfield Farms is another major company in the world of organic dairy products. Though some of their products aren’t certified organic, many are, and all of their products are assured to be free of herbicides, pesticides and toxic chemicals due to the fact they are processed on the same farm as their organic ones. Stonyfield Farms also partners with several eco-friendly companies that encourage consumers to support the environment and assist in recycling and production of goods like toothbrushes, made from their recycled products. Stonyfield Farms also provides consumers with an exact breakdown of the carbon footprints that each of their products contain on their website. This allows you to make the smartest decision in deciding what products to buy from the company.

6 Endangered Species

Endangered Species Endangered Species is one of the most popular fair-trade chocolate bar brands on the planet, and with good reason. Endangered Species chocolate isn’t only Fair-Trade Certified, which means all of their farmers are assured healthy living conditions, better pay, better treatment and job security, but all of their products are also GMO-free certified. This company also donates 10% of all their profits to offer protection to the wildlife and the people in Africa. As if that isn’t enough, this company has even designed its entire company and production sites to be more eco-friendly by being an EPA Green Power partner, which means their facility is powered by 100% wind power. So next time you get a chocolate craving, choose Endangered Species and you’ll not only be giving yourself a treat, but also the environment and animals around the world.

7 Nutiva

Nutiva Nutiva is one of my absolute favorite companies and has been for six years now. If you haven’t heard of this superfood company, please do check them out! They produce organic superfoods like coconut oil, chia seeds, hemp seeds and dried coconut products. I’m a huge fan of their coconut oil! I use it for everything! What I really love about Nutiva is that all of their products are GMO- free, assuring that no nasty scientific experiments are taking place on my foods. I also love that Nutiva donates 1% of every single sale to sustainable agriculture. Nutiva supports GMO food labeling and awareness, industrial hemp farming and awareness, organic sustainable farming, planting trees and urban gardens, and also youth programs that encourage health and allow children to connect with nature. If nothing else, next time you want to stock up on some of their incredibly cost-efficient Certified Organic coconut oil and hemp protein, which are my favorites, you can feel great about spending your dollars there. Visit their website where the company is always running sales and specials.

Most of us don’t think about how much our food costs just to get it to our grocery carts, yet it is a very important thing to consider. The better our environment, the more money each of us end up saving on power, water and other daily necessities. Do you shop for foods that are eco-friendly?

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Thank you for this one!!!

Great! I just bought some Nutiva Coconut Oil

I work at an organic market that's main purpose is to "protect and restore the environment", and we carry all these products! Thanks for writing this, I feel we all need to be more aware of our planet and the way we're treating it.

Great post!



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