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Video Inspo of Food Trends to Look for in 2018 ...

By Ashlee

Hey all you foodies! Want to know the food trends of 2018? Are you curious about which types of dishes you’ll see this year? INSIDER Food put together an interesting video about food trends to watch out for in 2018. Whether you prefer cooking at home or you enjoy exploring restaurants, the video below has unique food pairings you will want to look for in your city. No matter if you go for the meal or skip to the desert, there are fun delicious ideas for sushi lovers, new soft serve options, or you can even try some insects if you are feeling adventurous.

Watch as the video shows different types of foods you will see this year, which come from a variety of cultures across the world. Some of these foods are starting to take off in the United States and can be found on both the east and west coast in cities in both California and New York.

You may even get ideas for what you can cook at home as some of the ingredients are accessible at supermarkets. The dishes are very colorful and add to your culinary flair.

Also, several of these food options are healthy. There are natural foods which will be high in protein. The plates also include an increasing amount of vegetables.

With all of these options you can taste fresh dishes, cook new meals, and take your dining experience to the next level. Have a look at these six choices in the video and then grab a group of friends and go try the food trends of 2018!

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