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Food Trends in 2012 are all about fresh, organic fruits and veggies, superfoods and well-remembered delicacies. Are you are follower of food trends or do you buy the same groceries week in, week out? It’s a brand new year, an fresh start and so many new trends have already hit the shelves, so what about the food trends for 2012? Which foods trends in 2012 are going to take the cake this year as they take the world by storm? Some of the biggest food trends for this year will come as a huge surprise, as some of the most unlikely contenders have hit the top of the list. Here are 7 Food Trends That Will Feature Big in 2012.

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Superfoods Grown in Africa

Superfoods, such as blueberries and quinoa have a well earned reputation for being exceptionally high in vitamins and minerals, with high anti-oxidant levels. Consumers have become familiar with products such as chia seed and acia from Latin America, but one of the biggest food trends is going to be native African Produce, such as Moringa and Baobab, that is being hailed as the ultimate superfood on the planet. Moringa is a plant that has more Vitamin A, calcium, potassium and iron than carrots, milk and spinach put together, in fact, it has 25 times more iron than spinach. Prepare for Africa to rock the food trends in 2012.


Organic Molasses

Absolutely one of the most unlikely contenders on this list, Organic Molasses has been the wilting wallflower of the food world, until now. Suddenly molasses grew up and is taking the food industry by storm. Back off palm sugar, molasses is the new black. Generally not even considered as a staple in one’s home, let alone a choice in a restaurant, finally foodies are sitting up and taking notice. Rich in iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, copper and zinc, the huge nutritional value of organic molasses is finally bringing this back-of-the-pantry product to life.


Fresh Farmers Market Produce

As the recession hits the budget and ruins the appetite, more and more people are looking for simpler ways to do things, and ways to make sure their families are getting the best quality foods for their money. At the end of 2011 we saw a huge swing towards farmers market produce, and it is going to become one of the hottest food trends in 2012. People don’t mind that their carrots still have soil on, or that their apples have not been washed yet or that the milk is warm, because it doesn’t’ get fresher than that. Non-genetically modified foods are in huge demand, and people would rather go home and wash their own potatoes than wonder where they came from.


Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods

One of the most controversial food trends in 2012, has to be the fight to make the labelling of GMOs a legal requisite. The organic industry and consumers put a huge amount of pressure on the government last year and the media frenzy is making the FDA very uncomfortable. Companies that use genetically modified ingredients and label them under natural and organic are keeping class action attorneys extremely busy, as some big names were taken to court in 2011. The word on the street is that legislation for the labeling of GMOs is going to get the green light in 2012. Watch this space.


The Year of the Potato

As carbs make a comeback and the skinny diet is no longer the favorite, comfort food makes an entrance with the old fashioned spud. Menus all over the world are dedicating entire pages to the French fry custom chip, where patrons are able to choose from cut, crispiness, whether they want mashed potato, wedges, you name it. How they are cooked and what they are cooked in make a huge difference in taste, and as the humble potato grabs a spotlight position, restaurateurs are getting in on the party in a big way.


Nostalgic Food

Retro packaging, discontinued brands, and a yearning for the simpler years of way back when. Check out a booming food trend in 2012 that brings back the food from your Granny’s kitchen table and makes old school cool again. Red Velvet Cake, organic cider in glass bottles and old fashioned cornbread are hitting the stores, wrapped in familiar logos and wrapped in faded brown paper with string. Comfort food never felt so good just by looking at it.


Street Food

Recession and appetite friendly, street vendors are hitting the big time, as they offer affordable meal solutions for those on the run and the hungry. Lollipop shrimp wraps, heaving with rolls of seafood, right there, to eat immediately , hot and fresh off a grill, is like absolute heaven. When maybe the recession has folks not able to afford Asian style restaurant cooking, street food seafood is the same, just better. It’s quick service, healthy choices and no queues and all accessible on your way home.

As you can see, there are going to be some amazing food trends in 2012. The recession is going to have a big impact on the way we buy and prepare our meals this year, and as more health conscious people are checking labels and retailers face pressure to provide better quality, healthier food options, the food trends in 2012 are going to get interesting. Although they are all different, the main underlying trend is all going in the same direction: back to basics. Out of all the 7 Food Trends That Will Feature Big in 2012, the Red Velvet Cake is definitely going to be the hardest one to resist. Which food trend this year is going to be your favorite?

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i don't know about those potatoes. that is bad bad bad!

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