7 Foods for Bad Moods That Work like Magic ...

Did you know that there are foods for bad moods? Yep. Scientists and nutritionists have found that eating the right foods when you’re in a strop/funk or on a downer can help to boost your mood – and they aren’t all vegetables, either. I’ve been testing out the theory, and I’m totally amazed at how much the right food can match your mood, so I’m going to share the secret. Here’s your complete guide to the right foods for bad moods. Try it, it’s amazing.

1. You’re Stressed

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Okay, foods for bad moods number one - ta dah - chocolate! Oh yes. If you’re feeling stressed out and tense, it’s time to reach for that chocolate bar. Experts claim that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, may help to reduce the stress hormones cortisol and catecholamines. Not only will that make you feel less stressed, but it reduces anxiety too.

2. You’re Sluggish

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Feeling demotivated or lethargic? Rather than reaching for another coffee, make yourself a spinach salad. It’s packed with folic acid, which helps the body to balance homocysteine levels, and will wake you right up. Don’t fancy spinach? Fortified breads and cereals, beans, peas, mushrooms and other leafy green vegetables are also good folic acid sources, so they’ll do the same job.

3. You’re Raging

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If you’re feeling really angry, make yourself a green tea. The theanine within green tea will calm you right down, and help you to concentrate and focus. That means you’ll be able to work on something else, further calming you down. Green tea also has the benefit of being low in caffeine, which means it won’t fuel another hyper-rage.

4. You’re Cranky

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Feeling snappy? Whether it’s kids or colleagues who are getting on your nerves, you need an apple with peanut butter. Crankiness is a surefire sign that your body needs fuel, and you need combination foods to fight it off. An apple is a great complex carbohydrate, and the peanut butter is a healthy fat. Combined, they’ll perk you up, calm you down and prevent you from having a sugar crash that makes you even more irritable in an hour's time.

5. You’re Sad

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Under the weather? Just feeling blue? Grab some whole-grain. Being deficient in Vitamin D often leaves us susceptible to feeling extra sad, because we can’t produce enough serotonin. Grab some fortified cereals with low fat milk, and you’ll get a boost of Vitamin D that will have you feeling happier in no time. Then you’ll be more able to deal with real-life causes of sadness, too.

6. You’re Anxious

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If you’re being consumed by anxiety, it’s time to buy some salmon. Omega-3 fatty acids are proven to prevent and treat anxiety when consumed regularly, and they also reduce anger and irritability. While there are plant-based sources of omega-3 too, cold-water fish were found to have the best mood-boosting abilities.

7. You’ve Got PMS

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There’s even a “foods for bad moods” for PMS. Amazing! If you’re suffering, reach for an egg-salad sandwich. Craving carbs is totally normal in the days before your period, because your body wants to boost its serotonin levels and therefore its mood. High-sugar carbs like doughnuts or chips will cause a spike that makes you feel rubbish on the other side, though. Instead, go for whole-wheat bread with PMS-zapping fillings such as eggs, sunflower-seeds and turkey. You’ll forget you were ever upset.

Next time you’re feeling rubbish, check out this foods for bad moods list, and reach for the right item. I can almost guarantee that you’ll feel loads better afterwards – and doesn’t it feel good to be totally in control of your moods!? Someone buy those scientists a drink. Do you know any other foods for bad moods? I’m fascinated by this, so I’d love to hear what you think!

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