5 Foods for Better Sleep and 5 Foods to Avoid at Dinner Time ...

By Carly

5 Foods  for Better Sleep  and 5 Foods to Avoid  at Dinner Time  ...

There are lots of foods for better sleep. In an ideal world, the only thing we would all have to worry about when it comes to food and drink is what tastes great and what doesn’t! Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, and with more and more facts and figures being discovered about what different foods can to do your body every single day, it is more important now than ever to have as much knowledge about as much food as possible. This will allow you to make better decisions with your diet, and something that can be really affected is your sleep. Here are five foods for better sleep and five foods to avoid at dinner time!

The Good

Table of contents:

  1. bananas
  2. honey
  3. almonds
  4. turkey
  5. oats
  6. alcohol
  7. cheese
  8. fatty foods
  9. spicy foods
  10. coffee

1 Bananas

Thanks to the high levels of magnesium, bananas are a perfect pre-bedtime snack because they can work to relax your muscles and help you drift off more easily. In fact, they're one of the best foods for better sleep so stock up today.

2 Honey

Eating honey can stimulate the release of melatonin in your body, and it also shuts off something called orexin which is the chemical that helps to keep you alert during the day.

3 Almonds

Almonds are another food that are full of magnesium, which makes them an ideal snack before bedtime.

4 Turkey

If you’re looking for meat or poultry that can be had for dinner and not pose a threat of staying awake, then turkey is a perfect choice. Turkey contains high levels of something called tryptophan, which helps to relax muscles. Think about how you feel after eating Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner - always tired!

5 Oats

Oats are super rich in vitamins, amino acids and mineral that all promote the production of melatonin.

The Bad

1 Alcohol

Alcohol might make you feel drowsy, but it won’t be able to provide you with deep, meaningful sleep. You will find yourself waking up throughout the night.

2 Cheese

There is a reason why people say that cheese can give you nightmares! It contains high levels of tyramine which is something that makes the brain far more alert.

3 Fatty Foods

Anything that is hard to digest for your body can run the risk of causing heartburn, and heartburn is certainly an ailment that will keep you awake at night!

4 Spicy Foods

Spicy foods contain high levels of capsaicin, which is the ingredient that causes all of the heat. An overdose of this just before bed can make it hard for your body to regulate its temperature.

5 Coffee

This one is obvious but it’s worth repeating! The high caffeine content in a cup of coffee is enough to keep you awake for up to ten hours, so naturally, that is the last thing you want to be drinking before bed! Experts say that your last cup of coffee of the day should be at lunchtime because that gives your body enough time to work off the caffeine before hitting the sheets.

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