17 Foods That Broke the Internet as Much as Kim ...

Everything goes viral these days. Anything has the potential to break the internet, and with just as much power and awe as Kim Kardashian … and her champagne shelf-butt. It makes sense. We take photos of all our food. I'm sure plenty of restaurants, cafes, diners, food trucks, and chefs realize that they can get some serious publicity if they craft just the right recipe. It takes something epic and inventive, though, something outrageous and either totally delicious or absolutely disgusting. So far, these are the foods at broke the internet as much as Kim's booty. Who knows what might break it next.

1. Next Level Milkshakes

Milkshakes are getting bigger and bigger, not to mention more and more decadent. Pretty soon, I don't think they're going to classify as milkshakes anymore.

2. Ginormous Rainbow Bagels

That rainbow bagel trend, though! These were everywhere recently! I've never had one, though – do they taste any different?

3. Smoothie Bowls

Smoothies are no longer good enough on their own. Now they must be in huge bowls, overflowing with healthy goodness – presumably.

4. Doughnut Cones

This is like a heart attack waiting to happen, and yet … and yet I am so intrigued. This is an altogether better idea that using doughnuts as hamburger buns, though.

5. How about Some Black Ice Cream?

How about some black ice cream, indeed? Haven't tried this, either. Has anyone? What in the world does it taste like?

6. Clear Raindrop Cake

These cakes are gorgeous, and they're popping up everywhere, even though they've been a mainstay in the east. Apparently they don't taste like much of anything themselves, but they sure are neat looking.

7. Asparagus Water

Whole foods got so much crap for this – understandably, too. I mean, goodness, you can buy a bunch of asparagus for way less money and just put it in your water your own self. And then your pee can smell weird for days.

8. Rainbow Grilled Cheese

The rainbow food crazy is kind of … well, crazy. However, rainbow grilled cheese is just … so gorgeous. So cheesy. So magical.

9. Laziness at Its Peak

Pre-peeled oranges emerged as the cause of another furious foodie fight, but as the internet quickly discovered, this item is actually very helpful for anyone who has trouble peeling oranges.

10. Rolled Ice Cream

Nothin' wrong with this. I'll eat my ice cream rolled. I don't care.

11. Egg Waffle Sundae

Egg waffles. Egg waffles! They're so cool looking! Also, this is a serious sundae. It looks kind of like a bellyache in a cone.

12. These Rice Krispie Treats

Yes. Yes to everything about this. The world needs more Rice Krispie treats.

13. Bubble Tea Ftw

I've never tried this, but Heather absolutely adores it. I mean, she goes nuts for it.

14. Cute Doughnuts

Doughnut designs are serious business right now. Every day, you see another adorable pastry pop up somewhere.

15. Anything Cute, Really

Making food look cute is a trend in and of itself, as a matter of fact. This trend involves a lot of pastels and candy-coated colors.

16. Raw Food, Still

Still and always. But that's no bad thing, really.

17. Mozzarella Stick Onion Rings

Currently, this mash-up is making everybody go nuts on social media. I can't decide if it sounds delicious or diabolical.

Have you ever tried to make any of these internet-breaking recipes?