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7 Foods That Help Ease Pain Naturally ...

By Lyndsie

Foods for Pain can be so helpful – and so healthy! Pain is no joke, whether you're talking about headaches, sore joints, or back, neck, and shoulder pain. Being able to take care of it naturally is always a great option, and by finding foods for pain, you're also making healthy choices. There are lots of food for pain that you probably eat every day – and even if not, they're easy to insert into your daily diet.

1 Cherries

Cherries are one of the best foods for pain you can eat. All fruits and vegetables are good, but cherries in particular are anti-inflammatory fruits. They neutralize the free radicals in your body and keep your tissues from getting inflamed.

2 Salmon

Fish is really good at easing pain. While salmon is a great choice, any fish with plenty of Omega-3s are good for you. Salmon has lots of antioxidants and plenty of protein. If you have joint pain, it's definitely the fish for you, because all those fatty acids will lubricate your joints.

3 Green Tea

Green tea has been used for various types of pain for a long, long time. It has tons of polyphenols, which makes it better able to reduce the number of free radicals in your body. They cause inflammation, so getting rid of them helps tremendously.

4 Sage

Many of the best foods for pain have anti-inflammatory properties. Sage is included in that category. Not only that, but there is some proof that it can improve your memory. If you have a lot of swelling then sage can help that as well, thanks to certain flavonoids.

5 Coffee

Believe it or not, coffee can also help with pain. Caffeine can exacerbate many things but if you get a lot of headaches, it can be your best friend. I've had migraines for years and I can attest to that! Coffee can also reduce the risk of getting certain types of cancers, and it has even more antioxidants than a serving size of berries.

6 Ginger

Ginger is one of the most beneficial foods for pain and it's easy to work it into all kinds of recipes. Ginger has been used for years as a way to ease stomach aches. It even benefits certain heart problems. Using more of it in your diet can help you immensely.

7 Olive Oil

I've told you there's nothing olive oil can't do! No doubt, this is one of my favorite foods for pain – it's just a good thing I use it on a day to day basis, because it's so helpful! It's such an incredible anti-inflammatory that many compare it to over the counter remedies. By using it in your diet, you reduce your chances of having a stroke and getting certain kinds of cancer.

Eating foods for pain is a great way to make yourself feel better without reverting to medication. Sometimes you have to look for something over the counter or get a prescription, but any time you can rely on foods for pain instead, it's definitely worth trying. Do you know of any foods for pain not mentioned here?

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