11 Foods That Help to Fight Pain ...

Whether you’ve got a headache, have muscle pain or if you suffer from chronic pain like me, you’ll definitely be looking for something to treat it, and natural is always better - that’s why I’ve made this list of foods that help to fight pain. Believe it or not, there are many foods that have great anti-inflammatory properties, so next time you’re hurting, try munching on some of these foods that help to fight pain.

1. Turmeric

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Turmeric has so many amazing health benefits which we’re really only just discovering! It is thought to help combat cancers, plus it also contains some great anti-inflammatories which will help you to get you back to feeling yourself as soon as possible. Brew up a honey and lemon tea with a teaspoon of turmeric - one of the greatest foods that help to fight pain!

2. Cherries

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Research has newly discovered that pure tart cherry extract can relieve inflammation ten times more effectively than aspirin! While you might not be taking the extract any time soon, eating a bowl of cherries should make you feel a bit better and help in reducing the pain you’re feeling.

3. Celery

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Celery and its seeds contain something called apigenin, which helps to relieve swelling and discomfort caused by pain. Not to mention that celery is super good for you! You could munch on a few sticks of celery, put a few sticks through the juicer, or make a soup with celery and wait for the soreness to ease.

4. Ginger

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We all know that ginger is great a helping with an upset stomach, but did you know you can also eat it to help fight pain? Ginger is especially good for easing muscle aches, so if you’re suffering from a sporting injury, this one is for you. If you take between 500 and 1000 milligrams of ginger per day, you will experience some dramatic improvement!

5. Salmon

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Salmon is a fatty fish, and the fats within it are really beneficial not only to our bodies, but to our minds. The omega-3s within salmon convert into a substance when eaten that will help your body to fight off pain and reduce swelling. Not to mention that is is seriously yummy!

6. Flax Seeds

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Not only are flax seeds a superfood, but they also, like salmon, contain heaps of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. Flax seeds are great sprinkled on cereal or muesli, mixed with yoghurt or incorporated into a smoothie. If you want to get over your pain as quickly as possible, flax seeds will definitely help!

7. Walnuts

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Walnuts are another food which contain large amounts of omega-3s. Eating walnuts will help reduce any swelling associated with a sports injury or similar, as well as assisting your body in healing itself as quickly as possible.

8. Cayenne

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Cayenne is related to foods like chillies and capsicums, all of which contain a substance called ‘capsaicin’. Capsaicin is actually a common ingredient in lots of over-the-counter pain medication, which shows just how effective it is! It is often also used in creams and ointments to help with muscle injuries.

9. Olive Oil

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Olive oil is one of the best types of oil you can use when cooking, and it’s even better when it’ll help fight pain! Olive oil has a great tangy taste, so if you’re using it as a pain-reliever, try cutting bread into small chunks and dipping it into a bowl of olive oil. Not only will it help to make you feel better, it also helps to reduce the risk of some cancers and strokes.

10. Sage

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If you want to make a yummy, relaxing tea which will ease the pain you’re experiencing, try brewing up some sage leaves in boiling water. Sage also helps to boost your memory, so it’s got several benefits! Sage is full of flavonoids, which will help to relieve any swelling you might have.

11. Cinnamon

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Yum - my favourite! Cinnamon, as well as being totally delicious, works as a great anti-inflammatory. No matter how you use it, it is one of the most beneficial spices you can eat! It works amazingly in reducing pain associated with heartburn and headaches.

I hope that this list has helped you to discover some foods that can help you with whatever physical pain you’re experiencing. Always remember that it will always get better. Take some painkillers with these foods if necessary, and rest up! What foods help you feel better when you’re in pain?

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