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Did you know that there are actually foods that help you burn calories? Well, there are and they are not the bad tasting, cardboard textured things you may think. Actually, many of these foods are quite yummy and things we enjoy putting in our diets whenever possible. Try adding a few of these foods that help you burn calories into your weekly diet. These foods, along with proper exercise, are sure to help us whittle those winter waistlines away!

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Celery Celery is one of the greatest foods that help you burn calories since eating it burns more calories than celery has. Celery is almost completely comprised of water and only has about 6 calories per stalk. But, before you decide on a diet of celery alone, know that what it lacks in calories it also lacks in nutritional content. This is a great snack when you have the munchies, but is by no means a replacement for a well rounded diet.



Grapefruit I hate grapefruit, but with all its health benefits, I am learning to love it. Researchers have found that eating half a grapefruit before meals will help increase weight loss by up to 3 pounds over a 12-week span. This is because grapefruit has insulin regulating properties that help burn glucose and retain less fat.


Spicy Things

Spicy Things In college my roommate and I would start every day with two eggs seasoned with cayenne pepper. This is because spicy things boost our metabolism and help us burn more calories faster. Spices like cayenne pepper are also low in calories themselves, so burning extra by putting in extra is definitely possible. Certain hot sauces are great as well, just check the nutritional content before slathering it on- some will add way more in fat and carbs than they will ever help burn off.


Whole Grains

Whole Grains Our bodies take twice as long to break these wholesome goodies down compared to processed foods and bleached grains. If bread is your first love, try eating breads rich in whole grains and lacking in preservatives. Sure, this is not the healthiest thing we could ever eat, but it is a whole lot better than potato bread.


Green Tea

Green Tea Green tea is another one of those fantastic metabolism boosters. If you are trying to loose some extra lbs, try drinking four cups of green tea a day. The caffeine intake in four cups is still rather low, but researchers have found that this brew can help us lose up to six pounds extra in 12 weeks.



Coffee Coffee has caffeine and caffeine increases our heart rate. When our heart rate increases, we automatically burn more calories. Even better, researchers have found that those who take caffeine 12 hours before a working out are able to take in more oxygen and work harder for longer. This is really only beneficial if we are not adding all those sugars and creams in as well. Try adding cinnamon instead of sugar- it is a yummy replacement that can do a lot for our good health.



Omega-3 Really, what is omega-3 not good for? Omega-3 has been found to help lower leptin levels. Researchers have found that the lower our leptin levels, the faster our metabolism works. Great sources of omega-3 fatty acids include tuna, salmon, and omega-3 supplements for those who hate fish.

There we are, seven quick, easy, and yummy foods that can be added to our diet and help us on our diets. Most of these foods are already part of a healthy lifestyle and a few can be added to our favorite meals with ease. What are a few of your favorite health food secrets?

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