7 Foods That Increase Cortisol in Your Body ...


Cortisol is the hormone that promotes stress in the body, and learning to avoid foods that increase cortisol levels can have an positive effect on your stress levels. In fact, after removing these foods from my diet, I found my anxiety, depression and obsessive tendencies seemed to disappear. Not to mention, my health improved dramatically. Exclude these foods that increase cortisol as soon as possible and you’ll kick your stress to the curb in no time, without any pills needed!

1. Trans Fats

Trans fats are some of the worst foods that increase cortisol in the body. Though most food companies have omitted this ingredient, it is now becoming common for food companies to add this ingredient in and market it under other names like hydrogenated oils or fat, partially hydrogenated oils or fat, or shortening. Even if it is labeled "trans fat free," it can legally contain up to .5-2 grams of trans fats and still obtain that label. Always read the ingredients to be safe. Trans fats increase cholesterol in the body, which is the reason they raise your cortisol levels and affect arterial flow.

Refined Sugar
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