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Foods that increase your water intake are perfect because they keep you hydrated, even when you can’t manage to down your quota of water every day. Foods that are high in water contribute to your needs and keep you from suffering the effects of dehydration. Add them to your meal plan and you’ll be feeling refreshed and healthy in no time. Following are some of the best foods that increase your water intake.

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Watermelon Watermelon is one of the best foods that increase your water intake. They’re about 92 percent water, which means they hydrate you while also tasting super delicious. Watermelon is a great treat during the summer, but you can often find it year-round at chain grocery stores. Serve it sliced as a side dish or add it to a spinach salad for a refreshing side dish that can’t be beat.



Oranges An orange has a healthy percentage of water at about 90 percent. They’re easy to find anytime of the year and make a great portable snack. Toss one in your bag and next time you’re thirsty, you have a quenching treat right at your fingertips. Oranges also work great in smoothies and fruit salad. Slice them and add them to your water bottle for a boost of great flavor.



Lettuce If you’re a salad lover, there’s good news in store for you. Lettuce is about 92 percent water, which makes it great for thirst. Iceberg has lots of water, but darker varieties have loads more nutrition. Try romaine, spinach, radicchio or Bibb lettuce to give your salad new flavors and combine them with lots of other veggies, many of which are also high in water content.



Yogurt You might be surprised to learn that yogurt is pretty high in water, despite its thick texture. At the same time, it loads you up on healthy probiotics that aid in digestion and keep your gut feeling happy all the time. Watch fruit flavored yogurt, which is often very high in sugar. Opt instead for plain yogurt and jazz it up with a bit of honey and lots of chopped fresh fruits.



Cucumbers They don’t rank as tops in the way of nutrition, but cucumbers do have some fiber and are primarily water, making them great for thirst. Add cucumbers to your salad for a nice crunch and a mild flavor. Or slice them and toss with soy sauce and garlic for a yummy Asian inspired side dish. A baggie of crisp cucumbers is also a great idea for your lunchbox.



Pineapple There’s nothing like fresh pineapple when summer comes. You can sometimes find it in the winter too! Pineapple makes a great addition to fruit salad or smoothies, but I like to chop it up and use it to make sweet and sour chicken. Of course, it’s always good on its own too. Pineapples are about 85 percent water, so they’re a sweet and tangy way to help fulfill your daily water quota.



Apples Apples are the best portable snack. They don’t need to be refrigerated and you can easily eat one on-the-go. Apples are about 85 percent water too, so they’re a great way to fill your tummy and quench your thirst at the same time. Apples come in a variety of colors and each has its own texture and taste. Experiment until you find the ones you like best. I suggest Granny Smiths and Pink Ladies.

Do you get enough water? I carry a cup with me all the time so it makes it much easier.

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