20 Foods 🍌🍎🍝 That Make Your Butt Bigger 🍑 ...


Are you trying to get a rounder and fuller butt 🍑 or maybe a little lift to that backside of yours? Did you know there are some foods that make your butt bigger? Well, you may want to look into certain types of foods that make your butt bigger. I'm in the process of reshaping and toning my bottom too. What I've learned is that in order to gain a little booty weight, your body has to pick up a few pounds overall. On top of your glute exercises 👊🏿 lunges and squats 🏋🏿, you also need to consume foods that contain healthy fats 🍴 🍽 and a lot of protein. If interested, I will explain in this post some of the foods that grow a bigger butt.

1. Nuts 🍽

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Nuts really are one of the best foods for a bigger butt. In order to get some "junk in the trunk," you have to eat healthy foods that'll make your butt bigger. Eating a daily assortment of nuts can get you started on the right track. Mixed nuts usually consist of cashews, almonds, and peanuts. Most 1-ounce servings contain at least 135 calories. I usually don't like the taste of nuts on their own, so sometimes I may throw them on a salad or pair them with raisins. If you're not a nut lover either, then I highly suggest that you try something sweet like Star Snack's toffee peanuts or Kar's Yogurt Apple Nut mix.

Avocado 🍴
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