8 Foods That Naturally Cleanse Your Liver ...

Eating foods that naturally cleanse your liver will help you to keep your body healthy because the liver has so many important functions. It’s like a filtering system for your body, removing bacteria from the blood, converting nutrients from our food into useful things our bodies need, helping maintain hormone levels, boosting our immune systems, burning fat and making bile. While most of us know that avoiding excessive alcohol consumption is one great way to take care of our livers, because it’s such an important organ, you should look after it as best as you can. Here are 8 foods that naturally cleanse your liver.

1. Garlic

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Without a doubt, garlic is one of the best foods that naturally cleanse your liver. It helps activate enzymes that can flush out toxins, while the allicin and selenium found in garlic both help to keep the liver clean and healthy. It’s also very easy to add to your food, so eating more garlic is a very simple dietary change that can help your liver.

2. Turmeric

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Like garlic, it is ever so easy to add turmeric to your food. Try it in curries, stews and veggie dishes, as it tastes great but will also help detox your liver and flush out carcinogens.

3. Olive Oil

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Olive oil and other sold-pressed organic oils (including flax-seed and hemp) can provide a lipid base that absorbs harmful toxins from your body. Just switch butter or lard for olive oil a couple of times a week and your liver will enjoy the benefits.

4. Citrus Fruits

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Many of the best foods that naturally cleanse your liver are citrus fruits, because they contain high levels of vitamin C, which works as a natural antioxidant. Grapefruits are particularly good, but lemons, limes and oranges will all help too. Just ensure you eat or drink in moderation, as having too much of these fruits can cause unwanted effects.

5. Walnuts

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As well as being really tasty, walnuts contain high levels of arginine, an amino acid that helps to detoxify ammonia. They are also high in omega-3 fatty acids and glutathione, which support your liver's normal cleansing actions. Try them in a salad with goats’ cheese and/or pear, or add them to a coffee cake if you enjoy baking.

6. Whole Grains

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Brown rice and other grains contain high levels of B-complex vitamins. These vitamins help your liver function in a number of ways, including improving fat metabolization, liver decongestion and general liver function. Try and avoid foods made with white flour and opt for whole wheat alternatives instead.

7. Leafy Green Vegetables

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Leafy greens are particularly good liver-cleansing foods, but are so good for your entire body that you should try and get some into your diet every day if you can. The plant chlorophyls can suck environmental toxins out of your blood, and greens can also neutralize heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals.

8. Green Tea

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OK, so it’s more or a drink than a food, but it has so many benefits that it had to make the list. Green tea contains catechins, plant antioxidants that aid liver function.

Your liver is extremely important and having a healthy liver will improve your overall health a great deal. And with so many tasty liver-cleansing foods to choose from, there’s no excuse for not taking good care of this vital organ. Think of your liver next time you go food shopping, and bon appetit!

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