Foods That Reduce Bloating and Foods That Cause It ...

No doubt you’ve been bloated a time or two. Haven’t we all? While there are many things that could be causing your discomfort, the foods you eat definitely play a role. In some cases, you can reduce the problem by eating certain foods. In other cases, you can blame your meal for the bloating you’re suffering through right now. Knowing which foods are good and which are bad when it comes to bloat is the perfect answer for not having to go through the agony of it ever again.

1. Cause – Cruciferous Veggies

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Think broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. These veggies contain compounds that your body has a hard time digesting. But, they are such healthy choices that you don’t want to avoid them altogether. Experts suggest cooking cruciferous veggies rather than eating them raw because heat helps break down these compounds before they get to your digestive tract.

2. Cure – Bananas

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Fruit is high in fiber, which aids in digestion. Bananas also contain potassium, which regulate your sodium levels, helping reduce water retention and bloating. On the other hand, too much fiber can lead to bloat so don’t eat more than one banana at a time. Pistachios and avocados are other high-potassium options.

3. Cause – Beans and Legumes

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They’re the magical fruit…all joking aside though, beans and legumes are definitely the culprit for many people when they complain of bloating. This is usually because you’ve eaten a large quantity and are now regretting it. Have a small portion of beans rather than polishing off the entire bowl of bean dip and you should be able to enjoy them without the digestive trouble later.

4. Cure – Yogurt

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Yogurt is a great source of probiotics, which are healthy bacteria that your digestive tract needs for optimal function. Your best bet is plain Greek yogurt because it’s lower in sugar than fruity ones. Eat yogurt on a regular basis and you will help regulate your digestion and keep all kinds of issues, including bloat, at bay.

5. Cause – Fast Food

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Fast food is a terrible choice for many reasons. One is that all the fat and salt you take in leads to bloat. You’ll be hard pressed to find an outstanding meal on a fast food menu, so it’s best to avoid the drive-thru whenever possible. Instead choose low-fat, fresh foods most of the time to ward off bloat.

6. Cure – Water

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OK, it’s technically not a food, but water is one of your best bets when you are suffering from bloat. It might seem counterintuitive to put more water in your body when you’re bloated, but liquids help move air and food through your digestive tract. The best thing to do is to sip water all day long so you never have to be worry about it.

7. Could Go Either Way – Fruit

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While bananas are a great choice when you’re bloated, other fruits might not be. Fruit is incredibly healthy and you should never eliminate it from your diet. However, you should spread your intake out through the day so you aren’t loading up on a pile of fiber all in one sitting. See – you can have your fruit and eat it too!

What makes you feel bloated? What do you do to make it go away?

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