7 Foods the Pilgrims Ate at the First Thanksgiving ...


In my family turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie are essential for the Thanksgiving meal, and, while these are typical holiday foods for most people, some of the foods the pilgrims ate at the First Thanksgiving would have been very different. Sugar was very expensive and potatoes had not made their way to North America yet, which would have meant no pumpkin pie and no mashed potatoes. That being said, some of the foods the pilgrims ate are very similar to people currently eat at Thanksgiving.

1. Wild Fowl

Wild Fowl

While turkey is the current star of the Thanksgiving table, the pilgrims would have had duck in addition to wild turkey. These wild birds were a welcome part of the harvest feast, and according to the governor of Plymouth County, William Bradford, β€œthere was [a] great store of wild turkeys” in the fall of 1621. Wild fowl was just one of the foods the pilgrims ate at the First Thanksgiving.

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