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7 Foods to Avoid if You Want Whiter Teeth ...

By Lyndsie

There are all sorts of foods to avoid if you want whiter teeth. Some of them you likely know, but others may come as a surprise. Trust, I am absolutely not going to tell you avoid these foods for the entirety of forever, you just need to be aware that certain things can cause discoloration. That may change the way you eat something, or it may cause you to reduce your indulgences. Regardless, it all starts with knowing which foods to avoid if you want whiter teeth and a bright smile.

1 Dark Sauces

Dark SaucesDark sauces, such as tomato sauce, soy sauce, ketchup, and balsamic vinegar, are among the foods to avoid if you want whiter teeth. I for one cannot even consider ditching tomato sauce, but you need to watch these foods mostly for the acid content. You can actually eat protective foods beforehand to reverse the damage. Try some salad, because broccoli and lettuce will help you enjoy all these yummy sauces and condiments!

2 Berries

BerriesNo one can avoid berries! They're so delicious, and so good for you! You do, however, need to be careful when you eat them, because they can stain your teeth. You've probably noticed that after a handful of blackberries, blueberries, or raspberries. Just keep up your oral hygiene routine, including a good mouthwash, and you should be fine.


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3 Beets

BeetsBeets are so red and juicy, it just stands to reason that they stain a bit. If you brush right after eating some tasty beets, you'll definitely minimize the staining. You can also mix them with more protective vegetables, to further minimize the impact.

4 Pickles

PicklesBecause pickles (not to be confused with Pickles; hi, Pickles!) are so acidic, they can stain your teeth as well. You wouldn't think so because, well, they're pickles, but all that tart, delicious, vinegary acidity will actually do damage to your enamel. The idea of giving up pickles is unconscionable, so just try to watch your teeth after. Brush after you eat them, but not immediately after – that can actually do more damage.

5 Spices

SpicesIf you're a lover of curry, I've got some bad news – I'm sorry. All those scrumptious spices can actually stain your teeth. Spices such as turmeric, saffron, and even cinnamon or nutmeg can stain your enamel and dim your smile. A little rinsing or brushing afterward will help enormously. If you can't get to your toothy tools, try some whitening gum.

6 Certain Crackers

Certain CrackersActually, any foods that have a lot of refined carbs can stain your teeth. This includes crackers, cookies, pastries, and certain breads. The carbs become sugar, and the sugar invites all sorts of bacteria that will stain your teeth. So really, you're better off avoiding refined carbohydrates altogether. It's hard, I know. Cookies!

7 Colorful Sweet Treats

Colorful Sweet TreatsThis one makes more sense. Anything that has heavy dyes – hard candy, popsicles, lollipops, and so on – will stain your teeth. You know the phenomenon of blue-raspberry tongue, right? Imagine your teeth turning and staying blue.

My teeth stain really easily, so I have to be so careful about what I eat and drink. You can get around a lot of staining issues by practicing good oral hygiene afterward, or changing the way you do something – like drinking tea through a straw (yeah … yeah, I do that). How do you enjoy some of the common things that cause tooth discoloration?

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