7 Foods to Eat for Lunch That Prevent Overeating at Dinner ...


Most of us just try to get through the day, keep our belly full, and hope for the best at dinner, but you may be interested to know some foods to eat for lunch that can help you feel more energized throughout the day, prevent overeating at dinner, and keep your hormones steady as well. All of these foods are great choices for lunch, and can either be combined or eaten with other foods. Most of them are rich in protein and fiber, two key nutrients that help stabilize your blood sugar, prevent you from overeating, and keep you satisfied longer. This helps you eat less at dinner, or at least eat normal portions, instead of coming home starving and eating everything in sight. Keep these foods to eat for lunch as choices that you put on your plate each day, and you should be feeling much less hungry when dinner rolls around!

1. Salmon


Salmon is one of the best foods to eat for lunch of all. The amino acids from the protein help to keep you alert, and also fuel neurotransmitters that secrete serotonin, promoting a good mood and satisfaction. The protein also helps to keep you full longer, and helps your body burn calories while actually craving less food overall. Salmon’s rich omega 3 and DHA fats also help to promote healthy brain function, and can help you make better choices at dinner.

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