9 Foods to Grab on the Go That Won't Wreck Your Diet ...


Eating on the go is often thought of as an unhealthy habit, or a stressful one, but if you know which foods to grab on the go, it can actually be as healthy as eating at home in your own kitchen. With a few pieces of healthy knowledge, eating on the go doesn’t have to be unhealthy, and it doesn’t mean you need to resort to stopping by a fast food restaurant just to fill your belly. Check out some healthy foods to grab on the go and pick up one of these next time you find yourself hungry on the road.

1. Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt

One of my mainstay foods to grab on the go is Greek yogurt. It may seem weird, but I actually keep a couple plastic spoons in my purse should I ever need them, along with a little container of cinnamon and stevia packets. You can stop by any grocer, convenient store, most drugstores, and superstores to find Greek yogurt as a perfect snack. One of my tips if you’re at work and have to run errands is to stop while you’re out and pick up a container if you get a hankering for something sweet. Don’t drive through a fast food joint or get a sugary coffee drink to tide you over through the afternoon. Just pick up a plain Greek yogurt, and sweeten with cinnamon and stevia instead! The protein is great to tide you over, raise metabolism, and halt hunger. Greek yogurt is also available at most airports if you’re traveling.

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