7 Foods to Improve Your Precious Smile ...

Eating delicious foods to improve your smile is an easy and nutritious way to maximize your beauty routine! With so many products on the market for whitening teeth, it’s clearly a hot topic… but instead of using expensive products with harsh chemicals, simply add a few more of these delicious foods to improve your smile! You’ll be flashing those pearly whites in no time!

1. Bell Peppers

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Bell peppers are one of the best foods to improve your smile. With twice the Vitamin C of an orange, this is one veggie that you shouldn’t go without. Add a few bell peppers to your grocery list to improve the health of your gum tissue and make your skin brighter in the process! Try a delicious stuffed pepper recipe and you will be grinning from ear-to-ear in no time!

2. Carrots

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I rarely go a day without eating carrots; they're definitely one of my favorite vegetables! Besides tasting delicious, they're loaded with enough Vitamin A to keep your tooth enamel in great shape. Carrots also help to stimulate saliva production, which assists in washing away persistent tooth stains. Pack a few carrot sticks in your lunch, or take a bag for a quick and easy on-the-go snack!

3. Ginger

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It’s hard to come across a health article that doesn’t mention the endless benefits of ginger. Having a reputation for fighting off inflammation, those same anti-inflammatory properties actually help to support healthy mouth tissue. If you haven’t added ginger root to your diet yet, you might just want to try incorporating it into your tea, juice or smoothie for some major health benefits!

4. Kale

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This is a must-have staple in your diet. Containing oodles of antioxidants, calcium and Vitamin C, kale is packed with the essential vitamins and minerals for healthy teeth and gums. Adding kale to your smoothies, making a delicious batch of kale chips, or simply sautéing it with some olive oil, are all delicious and easy ways to make that smile a little brighter!

5. Nuts and Seeds

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One of my favorite on-the-go snacks is nuts and seeds! Delicious, convenient and packed with tooth strengthening calcium, nuts and seeds are definitely key foods to improve your smile. Their hard and crunchy texture helps to scrub away plaque and tooth stains, which is a great reason to keep a bag in your purse for a healthy afternoon munch!

6. Pineapple

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Bromelain has been well researched for its digestive health benefits and bloat reducing wonders. Not only does bromelain help with stomach woes, but it's also been shown to act as a natural stain remover by breaking up tenacious plaque. Take that smoothie of yours to the next level by adding this tropical wonder – you’ll be glad you did!

7. Strawberries

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Just eating strawberries helps to whiten your smile. Who knew such a delicious fruit could make your pearly whites shine? I've always loved strawberries and knowing that they fight plaque and contribute to overall oral health has definitely increased my rate of consumption! Add this delicious, low-sugar fruit to your smoothies or slice some on top of a kale salad with almonds – yum!

Caring for your beautiful smile is one of the best things that you can do for your overall health. There are many studies that have shown indirect and direct links between oral diseases to other health concerns, such as coronary heart disease. Go beyond your toothbrush and white strips and add these seven delicious foods to improve your smile! What delicious recipes do you have that use these seven ingredients?

Source: ca.alive.com

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