7 Foods to Keep on Hand for a Snow Storm ...


The next time a snow storm hits and you are left without power, be prepared and well stocked with these shelf stable foods to keep on hand. There are few things worse than being left without power, especially if you don't have a well stocked pantry. You might be lucky enough to have a packed out refrigerator, but just remember, those foods spoil quickly without any power! Here are seven heathy, yet non-perishable foods to keep on hand just in case a snow storm steals your power this winter!

1. Water


One of the most important foods to keep on hand is water. You never know how valuable fresh water is until you can't access it anymore. It's easy to become very dehydrated when the power goes out without access to any fresh water. You should keep approximately two gallons of water per person in your household per day that the power is out. Everyone is going to need water for not only drinking, but also for brushing teeth, sponge bathing, etc. Don't forget the pups either! The more water on hand, the better!

Shelf Stable Almond Milk
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