25 Foods with Less than 50 Calories per Cup ...


25 Foods with Less than 50 Calories per Cup ...
25 Foods with Less than 50 Calories per Cup ...

When it comes to losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet, you need to eat foods that contain low calories in high volume. You don’t want to starve yourself. You want to be able to fill yourself up and satisfy your hunger, just with foods that aren’t going to wreak havoc in terms of their unhealthy nutritional value! To help you out, here are twenty-five foods with less than 50 calories per cup.

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produce, font, Broccoli has been known to have great cancer fighting properties, and clocks in at a solid 31 calories per cup.



carrot, vegetable, local food, produce, food, At 49 calories per cup, carrots are the perfect daytime snack for both nutritional value and textural pleasure. Love that crunch!


Brussel Sprouts

vegetable, vegetarian food, cruciferous vegetables, leaf vegetable, ingredient, Brussel sprouts aren’t just a vegetable for Christmas! At 38 calories per cup, they should be something you have every week!



dish, vegetarian food, recipe, vegetable, side dish, Celery is one of those amazing foods that takes more calories to eat than it actually contains! Just 18 calories per cup!



vegetable, food, fruit, vegetarian food, dish, A delicious water-based vegetable that is really versatile, you can do a lot with those 16 calories per cup!


Cucumber is not only low in calories but also packed with vitamins like K and C, as well as minerals such as potassium. It's hydrating and refreshing—ideal for adding a crunch to salads, or as a crisp snack when sliced and served with a sprinkle of chili and salt. Consider it for chilled soups or as a clever substitute for crackers with your favorite dip. It's a wonderful way to stay full and satisfied without piling on the pounds! Perfect for those on a calorie-conscious diet aiming to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



vegetable, leaf vegetable, kale, purple, produce, Still bang on trend in the superfood world, kale comes in at a respectable 34 calories per cup.


Bell Peppers

natural foods, vegetable, local food, produce, chili pepper, The non-spicy cousin of hotter foods, the humble bell pepper boasts just 46 calories per cup.



drink, cocktail, non alcoholic beverage, cocktail garnish, daiquiri, Perfect for summer snacking, the delicious strawberry fills you up at just 49 calories per cup.



clementine, vegetarian food, food, fruit, tangerine, One single juicy clementine will provide you with only 25 calories. You can be naughty and stretch to two if you feel like it!


Apple Slices

fruit, apple, food, Apple slices are perfect with any kind of nut butter as a snack, and only come in at 50 calories per cup.



cruciferous vegetables, cauliflower, leaf vegetable, food, vegetable, You can do lots of amazing things with cauliflower, and the best part is that is it only 25 calories per cup.



fruit, grapefruit, citrus, citric acid, produce, The perfect fruity breakfast item, you can enjoy a whole half a grapefruit for just less than 50 calories.



leaf vegetable, vegetable, leaf, spinach, romaine lettuce, Romaine lettuce, in particular, is a dream diet food with just 1 single calorie per leaf! Have as much you want!



watermelon, produce, melon, fruit, local food, These big melons filled with glorious sweet water clock in at just 46 calories per cup.



vegetarian food, dish, vegetable, leaf vegetable, salad, Popeye was definitely on to a good thing here! Spinach is just 7 calories per cup!



dish, leaf vegetable, vegetarian food, vegetable, spinach salad, This is the perfect peppery addition to any salad, and you can be as generous as you want because it is only 6 calories per cup.



cake, buttercream, dessert, icing, torte, Asparagus is only 27 calories per cup, and it can do wonders for your heart health.



root vegetable, vegetable, potato, beetroot, beet, At 48 calories per cup, the rich earthy taste of beets tricks you into thinking that you are eating something much more extravagant!



dish, soup, vegetarian food, food, condiment, Whether you prefer chicken, beef or vegetable, a good quality broth always tends to come in at around 13 calories per cup.



leaf vegetable, vegetable, dish, vegetarian food, food, Perfect for things like slaw and salad, cabbage contains only 22 calories per cup.


Cabbage is not only a low-calorie option, but it is also packed with nutrients. This cruciferous veggie is high in fiber and loaded with vitamins, such as vitamin C and K, offering benefits like improved digestion and cardiovascular health. It's versatile, too – you can enjoy it raw, steamed, or even pickled as sauerkraut. Whether you’re aiming for a crunch in your tacos or a nutrient-packed addition to your soup, cabbage is a fantastic choice for staying healthy without packing on the calories. Plus, its sturdy leaves make an excellent wrap substitute for a lighter touch in your meals.



christmas decoration, christmas tree, tree, thread, decor, One of the most unusual vegetables around, chard is full of vitamin K and is only 7 calories per cup.



plant, flora, still life photography, plant stem, grass family, You can get a sweet fix with the liquorice taste of fennel, all for just 27 calories per cup!



seashell, petal, clams oysters mussels and scallops, clam, animal source foods, Garlic makes any savoury meal taste better in my opinion, and all for the small cost of 5 calories per clove!



dish, vegetarian food, cuisine, side dish, crouton, This is a tuber type vegetable that is similar to a white potato, with the big difference of being only 46 calories per cup!



vegetable, onion, shallot, food, local food, Onions can be sweet or sharp depending on what you do with them, and they are perfect for cooking at only 44 calories per cup!

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