9 Foods with Proven Medicinal Benefits to Always Put in Your Grocery Cart ...


Certain foods should always be in our grocery carts if you ask me, such as these foods with proven medicinal benefits. Most of these foods can be found at any supermarket or health food store such as Whole Foods, and many are very affordable, fun to use in your kitchen, and of course, delish! Medicinal foods aren’t just good for your body and brain, but also great for preventing disease later in life, and for lowering your chances of eating poor foods. I always tell people that are struggling to eat well that when you concentrate on thinking about what new healthy foods you can try things never get boring. Every time you go to the store, think about what new health foods you might want to try, or that you’re curious about. Even if they look or sound strange, you could end up loving them! Be curious about your food and your health. This is one of the easiest ways to fight temptations, and to get you excited about health. Food truly can be medicine when you focus on incredible foods with proven medicinal benefits like some of the ones below. Fill your plate with these and you’ll live longer, look lovelier, and be happier too!

1. Mushrooms


Mushrooms have been deemed as one of the top foods with proven medicinal benefits for quite some time now. Researchers have found that Vitamin D in mushrooms is more bioavailable to our bodies than almost any other food, especially any other plant food. Vitamin D is important for preventing depression, colon health, digestive health and overall wellness. It also aids in calcium absorption, which is important for maintaining strong bones to prevent osteoporosis and other joint related issues. Mushrooms have also been proven to hold powerful antioxidant components that have been linked to cancer prevention, especially breast and prostate cancer. Get your daily fill of mushrooms through one of my favorite ways to eat mushrooms, which is like a pizza! I spread a little marinara on top of a grilled portabella mushroom top, sprinkle some nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavor, and add some fresh oregano, basil, and pepper. It is one of my favorite snacks, and incredibly tasty, filling and healthy!

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