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Foods You Can Binge on when You're Losing Weight ...

By Lydia

It would be fair to assume that when you are going through a weight loss regime, pretty much all foods should be monitored and restricted in order to achieve that calorie deficit that you are looking for. However, it isn’t always as simple and basic as this, and you might be pleased to know that there are indeed plenty of things that you can afford to binge on whilst still being able to drop some pounds! Here are some of the best foods you can eat piles of when losing weight.

1 Salad

dish, meal, food, salad, cuisine,Well, duh! Salads leaves of all kinds are perfect sources of folic acid, and when you think about the fact that there is only 3 calories in a lettuce leaf, you can go eat tons of it! Be sure not to load up on dressing.

2 Cauliflower

cuisine, dish, food, comfort food, side dish,Cauliflower is so versatile that is can be used in many different ways from puree to steamed to a rice alternative. You could probably eat it in a different form every single day.

3 Beets

food, vegetable, superfood, fruit, venison,Beetroot is rich in magnesium, betaine, chlorine, zinc, iodine, calcium and sodium, pretty much all of the good stuff! The chlorine in particular helps to clean and improve the function of your kidneys.

4 Zucchini

vegetable, produce, summer squash, natural foods, cucumber,Zucchinis have a heavy water content which means you can eat a whole bunch without guilt. It can also help to balance the salt levels in your body.

5 Watermelon

watermelon, melon, drink, juice, non alcoholic beverage,Watermelon is one of the lowest calorie foods around thanks to its significant O2 content. It hydrates and detoxes as you enjoy a delicious slice or five!

6 Eggplant

purple, eggplant, produce, food, vegetable,One big portion of eggplant is only around 24 calories, and it also has the added benefit of being able to boost your metabolism. Basically, the more you eat, the more you end up burning!

7 Popcorn

popcorn, kettle corn, snack, food,I’m obviously not talking buttered here, but one cup of only slightly salted popcorn is only around 31 calories. That’s a much healthier snack that most of its kind.

8 Strawberries

strawberry, strawberries, fruit, natural foods, west indian raspberry,Strawberries can help to eliminate excess liquid in your digestive system, so the more you eat, the more efficient your body becomes.

9 Cucumber

vegetable, cucumber, food, vegetarian food, produce,Another vegetable that is almost entirely water-based, 95% in fact! That other 5% however contains all the good stuff like manganese, copper, potassium, vitamin k and vitamin C.

10 Celery

vegetable, cucumber, produce, vegetarian food, ingredient,Celery is one of those wonder foods that actually takes up more calories to eat and digest than it contains! It will hydrate whilst at the same time not giving your body any excess calories to have to deal with. Amazing!

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