5 Traditional Brazilian Foods You Should Try when in the Country ...

Traditional Brazilian food is a vibrant mix with strong influences from Africa and Europe. What kind of food you will be able to enjoy depends on which region you visit as Brazil is huge – indeed, the 5th largest country in the world. The south-eastern region has distinctive Italian and German influences in their dishes whereas, the northern region leans more towards the traditional indigenous menu with a heavy Iberian influence.

Although perhaps not as famous as their carnivals, the legendary Amazon, their music and incredible history, the cuisine in Brazil is slowly coming into its own. Feast on the world’s finest seafood dishes, yams, cassava, pine nuts, acai, hog plums, tapioca, okra and their spicy sausage, the chourico, and wash it down with generous helping of their national cocktail – the fabled Caipirinha.

No matter where you go, your menu staples will consist of three items: farinha (flour), feijao (black beans), arroz (white rice) – oh and Caipirinha. Then each dish will have a poultry, red meat or fish serving to go with it. When you are on your tours to South America, there are 5 foods you must try in Brazil:

1. Feijoada

The national dish of Brazil – the Feijoada is a soul-reviving meaty stew made with love from scratch, with only the finest and freshest ingredients. Predominately made with black beans and pork, it is served with arroz, kale, orange salad, and ground manioc.