7 Fresh Ways to Use Cucumbers to Cool You off This Summer ...


Cucumbers may seem like a simple salad ingredient but there are many ways to use cucumbers beyond your summertime salads, I assure you. Cucumbers are especially hydrating since they’re 94 percent water, not to mention they’re a rich source of potassium and silica that help to keep your skin smooth and clear. Cucumbers even help soothe the gut lining and can help increase digestive functions. Try these fresh ways to use cucumbers and take advantage of the summer season when they’re at peak harvest and taste the best!

1. In a Smoothie

In a Smoothie

I’ll start with my favorite of all ways to use cucumbers, which is in a smoothie. Cucumbers can be frozen into cubes and placed in a Ziploc baggie to have on hand all week long. Then just use your cubes like you would frozen bananas for a creamy, frosty flavor that’s also sugar-free. Use stevia to sweeten it up if you have a sweet tooth like I do!

With Your Favorite Dip
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