7 Frugal Foods You Can Eat Everyday to save Money and Still Eat Healthy ...


I have to tell you, it is so hard for me to eat on a budget each week, and I’ve had to learn to find the most frugal foods possible, so I don’t break the bank on my food supply. I’m a health nut, and a foodie, which makes me a store’s top target for spending money at the store. It always surprises me when people tell me how frugal I am. I guess over the years, I’ve just learned some tips and tricks, and even though it is really hard for me to save money on food, I’ve found some great frugal foods that help me do so. Along with clipping coupons, checking store sales, and keeping things simple, you can really and truly eat healthy and be frugal at the same time with these fabulously frugal foods.

1. Carrots


Carrots are absolutely one of the most frugal foods you can buy. Here’s why I like them besides the fact that they’re cheap. Carrots are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. They keep your skin, heart and waistline in tip top shape, along with your eyes and hair. They’re also great for bulking up your meals and adding sweet flavor. I snack on carrots every single day, and add them to salads, muffins, pancakes and even smoothies. Best of all, carrots are really cheap, even when bought organic. Most organic carrots are seriously pennies more than regular, so why not just buy organic? You can buy the large carrots to save the most money, but I usually buy the baby ones for easy snacking and less washing. They’re great for those days you need a sweet and crunchy craving satisfied quickly.

Leafy Greens
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