7 Fruit and Veg Hybrids That You Need to Try This Year ...


Do you like to try hybrid fruit and vegetables? I love them. There’s a special slot in the local produce section at my grocery store, and it’s always full of the latest hybrid offerings. I can’t help but buy them… so imagine how excited I was when it was announced that 2015 will be the year of hybrid fruit. Here’s some of the amazing offerings you need to try before we get our next batch of cross-pollinated goodies!

1. Tangelo


This strange looking fruit isn’t a weirdly heavy orange…it’s a tangelo. That’s a cross between a tangerine (yep, that one was obvious), and a grapefruit. Why? Well, grapefruits are also known as pomelos, and if you blend the two words together, you get tangelo. It’s a pretty great description of the flavor, too. It’s a perfect blend of sweet and sour, which will appeal to everyone. Even if you don’t usually like grapefruits, give this a try.

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