9 Fruits and Vegetables to Eat This Winter ...


Winter is coming but that doesn't mean you should forget to pack your meals with yummy fruits and vegetables to eat! You already know about the whole family of winter squash, but there are so many new things to try. Keep your meals healthy and nutritious, while also being delicious! Here are 9 fruits and vegetables to eat this winter.

1. Kale


Kale is among the list of best fruits and vegetables to eat. Kale usually has a bitter taste, but it actually gets sweeter in colder weather! It is perfect to eat this time of year. Not only is this a super food, jam-packed with vitamins K, A, and C, and calcium, but it is high in fiber and iron. Kale is great served raw, steamed, boiled, or sautΓ©ed. Next time you’re in the produce section, pick up a bunch of kale and test it out!

Sweet Potatoes
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