7 Fruits and Veggies You Can Replant to Reduce Waste ...


There are plenty of fruits and veggies you can replant to reduce waste and enjoy the fruits (pun intended) of your own little garden. You can always grow avocado, pear, peach, apple, and cherry trees from the seeds, but those take years. These fruits and vegetables produce faster results (although there are more vegetables than fruits). The next time you're ready to throw away a pit, seed, or scrap, think twice and check this handy little list. Knowing which fruits and veggies you can replant will help you reduce your grocery bills and cut down your waste – plus, the things you grow yourself always taste just a little better.

1. Pineapple


How would you like to enjoy the taste of the tropics even if you live nowhere near them? Pineapples are so sweet and delicious, plus they're so good for you – and they number among the fruits and veggies you can replant from the leavings. The next time you buy a pineapple, cut of the top and suspend it above a bowl or jar of water using toothpicks. Pineapples love sunlight, so keep your planting in a sunny spot, and feel free to stick it outside on your porch when it's sunny outside. You need to change the water pretty often – every other day is best – and make sure your container is always filled enough that the water reaches the base of the pineapple top. Give it a week and you'll see some roots, at which point you can transplant the pineapple into soil. And yes, you can grow these juicy fruits right inside.

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