8 Fun Facts about Chocolate ...


I could quite possibly live off chocolate I love it so much, so I thought I would share some fun facts about chocolate with you to help you appreciate this yummy indulgence too. As if you needed an incentive though, right? Most people associate chocolate with weight gain, yet chocolate can be a great tool for managing your sweet tooth if you choose the right kind. A little goes a long way, and pure, dark chocolate has many health benefits. The fats in chocolate are similar to the fats in coconut. Although these fats are saturated, they are both derived from plants, and in their pure, natural form, they aren’t bad for your cholesterol like man-made saturated fats or animal sources are. I recommend using a dark chocolate with at least 80% cacao content to reap the benefits of this popular food, or even better, choose raw cacao. Raw cacao is chocolate in its naked form- pure, unadulterated bliss, full of iron, magnesium, fiber and healthy fats. Read these 8 fun facts about chocolate to learn more about this wonderful food. You’ll probably appreciate your next indulgence a little more and even feel a little smarter too!

1. The Birth of the Chocolate Bar

One of the fun facts about chocolate is that the very first chocolate bar ever produced was made in 1842 by the English company Cadbury. I’m sure you all associate the brand with the famous Cadbury eggs you used to get in your Easter basket. Though the bar was first produced by an English company, cacao trees are actually produced in three major regions today, which are South and Central America, West Africa and Southeast Asia.

Where Chocolate Comes from
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