7 Fun Gum Brands with Their Own Personalities ...


I am a huge gum chewer and a big fan of all different and fun gum brands. Before a meeting, in-between meals, or after a snack, I can be found chewing gum. After trying multiple brands and all different flavors, I came to realize that each brand has its own personality. Whether you are looking for a chic, trendy, or fun brand with a sweet, spicy, or minty taste, there is a brand out there to suit you and your taste preference. Have no fear, the professional gum chewer is here to help! Say good-bye to bad breath and hello to some fun gum brands.

1. Five


Sophistication. This is the word I think of when I look at a pack of Five gum. The sleek black packaging gives it a clean, modern look. Five gum has the perfect diversification of flavor. Some of my personal favorites include the original Cobalt, which is a peppermint flavor; Rain, which is spearmint flavor; and Vortex, which is a green apple flavor. If a guy pulls out a pack of Five gum and offers you a piece, he is a keeper. Five gum carries micro packs. These amazing micro packs, which are six tab envelope packs, fit into the smallest compartments and pockets, making them convenient for all occasions and making Five itself one of the best fun gum brands.

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