7 Fun Gum Brands with Their Own Personalities ...


7 Fun Gum Brands with Their Own Personalities ...
7 Fun Gum Brands with Their Own Personalities ...

I am a huge gum chewer and a big fan of all different and fun gum brands. Before a meeting, in-between meals, or after a snack, I can be found chewing gum. After trying multiple brands and all different flavors, I came to realize that each brand has its own personality. Whether you are looking for a chic, trendy, or fun brand with a sweet, spicy, or minty taste, there is a brand out there to suit you and your taste preference. Have no fear, the professional gum chewer is here to help! Say good-bye to bad breath and hello to some fun gum brands.

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Five Sophistication. This is the word I think of when I look at a pack of Five gum. The sleek black packaging gives it a clean, modern look. Five gum has the perfect diversification of flavor. Some of my personal favorites include the original Cobalt, which is a peppermint flavor; Rain, which is spearmint flavor; and Vortex, which is a green apple flavor. If a guy pulls out a pack of Five gum and offers you a piece, he is a keeper. Five gum carries micro packs. These amazing micro packs, which are six tab envelope packs, fit into the smallest compartments and pockets, making them convenient for all occasions and making Five itself one of the best fun gum brands.



Orbit When I think of Orbit, I think about all of the flavors that Orbit has to offer. I love that no matter what flavor of gum I may be craving, Orbit is guaranteed to have it. From the classic peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, wintermint, Orbit also has other out of the ordinary flavors. Some of these include a Wildberry Remix, Sweetmint, and Strawberry Remix. Orbit now offers Orbit for Kids. Orbit for Kids comes in two different flavors: original bubblegum and strawberry banana. Even though I do not consider myself a kid anymore, Orbit for Kids is a sugar free gum that helps protect teeth and I’m always looking for ways to protect my teeth.



Trident Trident was one of the first national brands of sugar-free chewing gum in the United States. Trident offers Trident White, Trident Splash, Trident Layers, and Trident Xtra Care. Trident White, which provides its consumers with flavors such as cinnamon, peppermint, cool bubble, and wintergreen, helps to break up the extrinsic stains on the teeth. Trident Splash literally splashes in your mouth. Each piece is filled with a gel liquid that bursts in the mouth with that first chew. Trident Layers is a mini rectangle type of gum with a flavored layer sandwiched between two other flavored pieces. Lastly, Trident Xtra Care comes in the traditional flavors, but what’s so special is that it helps to strengthen the teeth against plaque.



Dentyne Dentyne Fire is my go-to gum. The new “Split2fit” packaged cinnamon flavor gum is hot, hot, hot. It is spicy and lights up the mouth, hence the picture of fire on the packaging. It’s one of my favorites! If you’re looking to kill that bad breath, Dentyne Ice is the way to go. It’s has a fresh, bold, icy flavor that is bound to hide the garlic or onion breath that was an after-effect of lunch or dinner. Dentyne Pure is also known for neutralizing bad breath caused by bacteria. With many exciting flavors, such as mint with melon accents, mint with herbal accents, and mint with citrus accents, you’re guaranteed to purify your breath.



Chiclets Who doesn’t love a pack of Chiclets? The sugary gum brings me back to the good old days. The candy-coated gum comes all different colors, including yellow, green, orange, red, purple, white, and pink. As a child, I loved picking through the orange Chiclets box filled with assorted fruit flavors. This pack is still available to purchase. I would always dig for the green and orange pieces. Even with the option of the assorted fruit flavors, which is packaged in an orange box, the original flavor was peppermint, which was packaged in a yellow box. I love the classic peppermint. It is perfect when looking for a sweet, but minty type of flavor.



Extra Extra Dessert Delights are the perfect dessert supplements. Whether I’m craving a scoop of mint chip ice cream, a scoop of rainbow sherbet, or a raspberry vanilla cupcake, Extra has my back. I get a taste of the dessert I want without the crazy calories. The mint chip ice cream gives me the minty flavor along with satisfying my chocolate craving. The hints of orange, lemon, and lime are comparable to a real spoonful of rainbow sherbet. If I close my eyes and put a stick of the raspberry vanilla cupcake in my mouth, I would not be able to tell the difference in flavor of the real thing versus the piece of gum. It is that good. Along with Extra Dessert Delights, Extra offers the customary minty flavors that are always good to carry around.



Bazooka It’s always so much fun digging through a Bazooka tub looking for the flavor you want. A tub of assorted flavor Bazooka gum consists of the original bubblegum flavor, tropical flavor, and strawberry flavor. Bazooka is good for any occasion and is great for filling the empty glass jars in the kitchen. Whenever friends or family come over, I’m sure they’ll go right for the Bazooka. I just love opening a piece of Bazooka gum knowing that I will open the gum to find a Bazooka Joe comic to read. Not only are you enjoying a piece of gum, you get entertainment too!

The next time you pop in a piece of gum, just remember that there is so much more to gum than one thinks. Any of the mentioned brands of gum will satisfy whatever craving you may have. Whether it be a dessert after dinner or a way to rid your mouth of bad breath, gum has the ability to help. Each brand has its own personality and style that will fulfill your personal preference, so keep these fun gum brands around. Now that you’re a gum pro, what is your favorite brand and flavor?

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Zebra gum!

No Double Bubble? I used to collect the comics as a kid!

I like 5 gums because the flavor is long lasting!!. Dentyne are good too but only pepermint or and Orbit in Bubblemint is my sweet fav flavor in gum!!

I think the zebra striped gum should have gotten on here

These seem to just be common gum brands rather than fun and genuinely unique.

Zebra striped definitely should have made the list

oh i'm so jealous that you have so many awesome gums!!! here in austria (no kangaroos, but lots of mozart ) we only have five, orbit and airwaves... almost every gum is tasting either like mint or spearmint... boring!!!!!

What about Hubba bubba and dubble bubble

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