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Movie Fans Will Love These Fun Popcorn Facts ...

By Chelsie

Popcorn is made for munching mindlessly while you watch a movie, but if you stop to think about all the different popcorn facts, they are actually quite interesting. Popcorn has been around for centuries, which means there are different kinds of popcorn, different ways to pop popcorn, and many other interesting facts to learn. Therefore, next time you pop some popcorn for movie night, you can bust out some popcorn facts while you wait for the popcorn to pop.

1 Whole Grain

Whole GrainAmong the many popcorn facts to learn, one fact is that it is a whole grain. Popcorn contains the germ, endosperm, and hull, which classifies it as a whole grain. Because popcorn is a whole grain, you can actually feel good about eating it. You just want to make sure you don’t douse it with butter and salt.

2 Water is Key

Water is KeyHave you ever wondered why popcorn pops? Each kernel contains a little bit of water that is stored inside. As the kernel heats up, the water expands and pressure increases. At 347 degrees Fahrenheit the pressure in the kernel reaches 135 pounds per square inch, which causes the kernel to burst open. After it bursts open, the kernel is not only bigger, it is a tasty popcorn kernel for you to enjoy.


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3 Lucrative Grain

Lucrative GrainBelieve it or not, selling popcorn was actually a great way for people to make money during the Great Depression. While many businesses failed during the Great Depression and many people went bankrupt, the people who sold popcorn were actually able to stay afloat. In fact, one man made enough money selling popcorn to buy back three farms he had to sell early in the Great Depression!

4 Nutritious Snack

Nutritious SnackWhile popcorn is a nutritious snack because it is a whole grain, it also has other nutrition benefits. Two cups of air popped popcorn have just 62 calories, which makes popcorn a great low calorie snack. You may not be getting a lot of calories, but you will be getting 10 percent of your daily of manganese, an important nutrient for many things, including bone health.

5 Extremely Popular Snack

Extremely Popular SnackIn America each person eats an average of 51 quarts of popcorn per year. With 52 weeks in a year, that is almost a quart of popcorn every week! That is a lot of popcorn, but it is a great snack to have.

6 Many Varieties of Popcorn

Many Varieties of PopcornTypically in the grocery store, you will only find one variety of popcorn. However, there are actually many different varieties. There are several different types of “hull-less” popcorn, which have a thin, soft hull. You can also find blue popcorn and red popcorn. Colored varieties of popcorn pop white, but they do have more flavor. The red variety is said to be nutty.

7 Many Ways to Pop

Many Ways to PopWhile the microwave may have become the go-to way to pop popcorn, there are actually many different ways to pop it. You can use an air popper, or you can use a pan set on the stove top. You can even find corn that you can pop on the cob!

Popcorn is an extremely popular snack, and knowing some fun facts is a great way to throw in some trivia when you are having a bowl of popcorn with your friends. What is your favorite fact about popcorn?


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