7 Garden Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors Right Now ...


It might still be snowy outside, but there are vegetables you can grow indoors right now. Then they can be transferred to the ground when spring arrives or you can go ahead and keep them in pots on the patio. You should be eating plenty of vegetables every day because they’re chock full of nutrients that you need for good overall health. Even if you have a tiny yard, or no yard for that matter, vegetables you can grow indoors give you nutritious options anytime you want them.

1. Lettuce


Lettuce typically grows in compact little bundles, so there’s no reason why you can’t keep a pot or two of it in your kitchen or sunroom. That makes it an ideal choice when it comes to vegetables you can grow indoors. You can even mix different varieties in the same pot. Try arugula with spinach or just grab a packet of mixed greens and plant them in one large pot. The great thing about lettuce is that it regenerates, so it will keep coming back no matter how often you snip it for your dinner salad.

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