7 Garden Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors Right Now ...

By Eliza

7 Garden Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors Right Now ...

It might still be snowy outside, but there are vegetables you can grow indoors right now. Then they can be transferred to the ground when spring arrives or you can go ahead and keep them in pots on the patio. You should be eating plenty of vegetables every day because they’re chock full of nutrients that you need for good overall health. Even if you have a tiny yard, or no yard for that matter, vegetables you can grow indoors give you nutritious options anytime you want them.

1 Lettuce

Lettuce Lettuce typically grows in compact little bundles, so there’s no reason why you can’t keep a pot or two of it in your kitchen or sunroom. That makes it an ideal choice when it comes to vegetables you can grow indoors. You can even mix different varieties in the same pot. Try arugula with spinach or just grab a packet of mixed greens and plant them in one large pot. The great thing about lettuce is that it regenerates, so it will keep coming back no matter how often you snip it for your dinner salad.

2 Carrots

Carrots You’ll need a fairly deep pot since the best part of carrots grow under the soil, but you can keep a pot of carrots in the house for a yummy snack that is low in calories and high in nutrients. You can grow carrots all year round as long as you keep the container in a warm area. It’s possible to grow carrots in troughs too, if you prefer something you can perch on your windowsills.

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3 Mushrooms

Mushrooms Mushrooms are one of the few food sources of vitamin D, so they’re a great option for your indoor vegetable garden. You can buy specially prepared soil that already contains the makings for a fresh batch of mushrooms. You’ll need to keep the mushrooms in a cool dark place, such as your basement, to get the best results.

4 Green Onions

Green Onions Next time you cook with green onions, save the white ends with the little hairs on the end. Those are actually the roots and you can plant them right into a small pot and the onions will regrow on their own. Place the roots down and surround with dirt. They’ll need plenty of water, though, so keep your eyes on your onion crop or they might not make it.

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5 Tomatoes

Tomatoes If you have a sunny window that faces south, you’re good to go for a tomato crop. Go for small varieties, such as grape, pear or cherry tomatoes, which won’t take up quite as much space as traditional versions. Turn the pots occasionally to expose the entire plant to the sunlight. Tomatoes like warmth so make sure the room they’re in doesn’t get chilly.

6 Peas and Beans

Peas and Beans Pea and bean plants aren’t huge, which makes them perfect for growing in the house. Grow them up a trellis in your sunroom, then move them outdoors when summer comes. The bonus is that many pea and bean plants look decorative, so they’ll add to the décor during the winter.

7 Potatoes

Potatoes One of my favorite foods! It’s easy to grow a plentiful crop of potatoes in large pots or buckets in your house. However, it’s best to seed the potatoes in the containers, then replant them outdoors when the weather warms up. Try different varieties to shake up your favorite potato recipes.

Do you garden? I love these ideas for having fresh produce inside all winter long. Are you gearing up to get your plantings started?

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